Spotlight On Winter Sports: Exciting Facts about Figure Skating


Spotlight On Winter Sports- Exciting Facts about Figure SkatingFigure skating is probably one of the most beautiful and exciting of winter sports. No wonder it was the first winter sport included in the Olympics. Figure skating is also often associated with entertainment and show business. Many skaters after their competitive careers begin to take part in different ice shows, which are truly amazing!
So, my advice to you – get a huge cup of cocoa and spend this evening watching one of these exiting and truly amazing ice shows instead of your favorite TV series (just for a change). But before I would like to introduce you to some of the most famous present-day figure skating stars and their most memorable achievements and skating programs.



Swiss spin-master Stephane Lambiel
Lambiel began skating when he was a 7 years old. Fast-forward to today he is a nine-time Swiss champion, two-time World champion and the Olympic silver medalist. He is mostly known for his incredible spins. He never gets tired to surprise his fans with the unique pirouettes and he is like a real hurricane when spinning.



Surya Bonaly and her “illegal” backflip at the Olympics
Bonaly is actually the biggest bad ass in Olympics history. Why? – During the 1998 Olympics Bonaly was tired of being given unjustly lower scores than other skaters and she decided to send the judges a message. Bonaly performed the backflip during her free skate; the thing is this move is considered to be illegal in competitions. She didn’t get scores for this backflip but it caused a fuss.  It should be said that there were 3 other all-men-skaters who did backflips, but she was the only one to land on one blade!


Alexei Yagudin, the guy who started the revolution of the step sequences
The 2002 Olympics made a real stir. Everyone had their eyes set on Yagudin’s short program performance. He was magnificent and his SP became one of the greatest wonders in the Olympic history. The most memorable was the step sequence element so masterfully performed. Many skaters tried to perform something similar to this incredible sequence later but they were not even close.



Marina Anissina and Gwendal Peizerat - reverse liftMarina Anissina and Gwendal Peizerat “reverse lift” a real signature move
Look at this tiny beautiful woman. Can you imagine that she is able to lift her partner off the ice and continue skating holding him in her arms? – Well, you should believe it, because she actually did it many times and this move called ‘reverse lift’ became their signature move. This unique element set this duo apart from other dance couples, because it switches the traditional gender roles in lifts but it still looks stunning!


Elena Berezhnaya & Anton Sikharulidze unforgettable FS Charlie Chaplin medley program
This glorious dance is a must-watch for sure! Among the huge number of figure skating performances, it’s hard to find a more charming and heart-melting one. ‘Charlie Chaplin” was so discussed and enthusiastically received that there is nothing to add besides that Berezhnaya and Sikharulidze have settled themselves as one of the best figure skating duos in the world. There is no need to say anything more, just watch this beautiful dance right now!



Julia Lipnitskaia Team event HD from pa1189 on Vimeo.

Julia Lipnitskaia, Russian figure skating’s ‘tiny genius
15 year-old Julia Lipnitskaia was the tiniest and the youngest athlete among the 2014 Winter Olympics’ competitors. She is also wise and strong beyond her years. Her mesmerizing performances, strong technical skills and incredible flexibility can’t help but to stun figure skating’s fans. “Her look and her presence on the ice being so far beyond her age has cast a spell on anyone who has ever seen her,” said Scott Hamilton.


Carolina Kostner – no one can deny her amazing speed, natural beauty, enigmatic feminity and refinement
Kostner is mostly known for her speed across the ice. She is as fast as the wind but the same time as feminine as Greek goddess. It’s always a real pleasure to watch her breathtaking and elegant ice performances.



The Quad King Evgeni Plushenko  
Plushenko is known for his dynamic performances and jumping prowess. His trademark is the quad. It is a high-risk jump in figure skating with four or more revolutions. Plushenko was the first who performed 4T-3T-2Lo (quadruple-toe + triple toe + double loop) combination, the first who landed 4T-3T-3Lo (quadruple toe + triple toe + triple loop) combination. He is also the first skater who completed the 3A-3F (triple axel + triple flip) combination, performed a 3T-3T-3Lo-2Lo (triple toe + triple toe + triple loop + double loop) combination and landed a six-jump combination (3T–3T–2Lo–2Lo–2Lo–2Lo). He is a real master of high marvelous jumps and a real heart breaker – you can make sure in it after watching the vid.