The Ultimate Hollywood Besties We Ship So Hard

Although relationships seem to come and go once you’re in the spotlight, These celebrities have formed tight bond in real life that have lasted years. Having all that fame and money without a partner in crime means nothing, as these dynamic duos prove.



1. Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner
These cuties are dominating the fashion world, no matter what controversial opinions people have on how they gained that high ranking in the fashion industry, it’s hard not to get BFF envy when you see these two trendsetters globetrotting around Instagram.



2. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler
If you think you and your bestie are more hilarious than the rest, these two will give you a run for your money. These two have had a blast on screen and off screen together for decades, and are more like sisters than best friends, to be honest.


3. Kanye West and Jay Z
It seems fitting that two music moguls at the top of hip hop would be best friends, but they’ve definitely had their frenemy moments, like when Kanye started casually trash-talking Beyonce at one of his concerts. Either way, there may be a feud, but brothers do quarrel!



4. Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence
The two quirky and funny girls of Hollywood are quite close. They revel in and embrace their awkward moments, and are even writing a raunchy comedy together. They give each other tough love after breakups, and empower each other in all the moments in between.


5. Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift
These picture perfect good girls gone bad call each other best friends. Selena found a way into the covet Swift Squad before many others did, and the two even have a celebrity bestie name – “Taylena”. Tay even has a framed pic of the two bested hugging in her home, next to the fireplace.



6. Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner
These Game of Thrones cuties are making people ship #Mophie (their self-dubbed name). They met on the fantasy show at ages 14 and 15, and still have years of memories to make. They have sleepovers all the time, go on girls trips to NYFW, and are totally relatable to besties worldwide.


7. Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox
Ever since the glorious days of mom jeans in Friends, these two babes have been the best of friends. For almost 24 years. Courteney was Jen’s maid of honor when she got married to her ex-husband, but of course. They’ve always been each other’s shoulder to lean on, and we all need that in a bestie, right?


8. Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio
This is truly a bromance for the ages. They met when they were 12 years old, at an audition in the 80s. Both were raised by single mothers in LA and built an unbreakable bond which has been untarnished for years. This is final proof that Leo really can maintain a long-term relationship. Just Mayne not romantic ones.



9. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck
Since before their Good Will Hunting days, where Matt slept on Ben’s couch. Though their careers went in different directions, they own a production company together, and have always stood by each other’s sides, through all the ebbs and flows.


10. Rihanna and Cara Delevingne
Besties at a fashion show years ago. Busy schedules but always pick up the phone and chat or give advice. Rihanna said one of the secrets to their friendship is getting “silly with each other”, noting that BFF Cara slapped her on the booty the first time they met.