Then And Now: Buffy The Vampire Slayer Actors 20 Years Later

Rumour has it Buffy The Vampire Slayer is up for a reboot. And while we think that messing with perfection is not a very good idea, it’s good that mass media remembers the ‘oldies’ and puts them in the spotlight from time to time. This TV show has been a life-saver for thousands of kids growing up in the 90s. What better way to get through the disturbing school days than by watching a cool high school girl kick some vampire butts and become one of the legendary female superheroines on TV? There is none, really. It’s been more than 20 years now, so our favourite Buffy characters have definitely changed a lot. Want to know what they look like now? Scroll down and get ready for a few shockers.



Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy)
We’ve enjoyed watching Sarah Michelle Gellar play Buffy for whole 7 seasons of the show, with heartbreak, love, romance, boring school lessons, and more vampire fights than a girl of her age deserved. Well, she did great! And Sarah Michelle Gellar still looks lovely.



Alyson Hannigan (Willow)
Alyson Hannigan aka Willow Rosenberg hasn’t changed much over the last 20 years. Just look how youthful she is! Yet she’s been in a number of other successful projects, including How I Met Your Mother and American Pie.



David Boreanaz (Angel)
David Boreanaz and his puppy-eyed Angel made vampire-slash-human romance a thing long before there was even a hint of Twilight in the air. Angel was moody, broody, dangerous, and good-looking. What else could a girl like Buffy want in her teens? David Boreanaz was so good in his role that he got his very own Angel spin-off. He went on starring in 12 seasons of Bones, playing the inquisitive detective who’ll stop at nothing to solve the mystery.


Nicholas Brendon (Xander)
Nicholas Brendon played the loveable goofball Xander Harris who was equally nerdy and hot (although, some may disagree, but definitely not his bombshell TV girlfriend Cordelia). Nicholas Brendon has had a few rough patches in his life fighting off alcoholism and depression, but now he’s back in the game, looking as handsome as ever.



Anthony Stewart Head (Giles)
Admit it, Giles made librarians look awesome before The Librarians or any other movie or TV show turned it into a trend. We might argue that turning a high school girl into a vampire-killing machine was not the most humanitarian move, but sacrifices need to be made when the fate of the whole world is at stake. Well, at least that’s what he believed in!


Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia)
Codelia Chase aka the Queen Bee was not only pretty, but also incredibly smart, helping Buffy and the whole gang in all their endeavours. Looking at Charisma Carpenter now it’s hard to imagine that it’s been 20 years. Does this woman even age? Starring in Buffy and Angel must have rubbed off on her and she got some of that vampire mojo that’s keeping her so young and fresh.



Kristine Sutherland (Joyce Summers)
Buffy’s lovely mom hasn’t been too much into acting after finishing the show. Kristine Sutherland opened her own photo studio and pretty much quit acting.


Eliza Dushku (Faith)
When Eliza Dushku first appeared on Buffy as Faith we all realized she was trouble. One more pretty-looking slayer in town, what could go wrong? Unlike her co-stars, Eliza Dushku turned down the role in a Buffy spin-off and went on starring in Tru Calling. She was later cast by Joss Whedon, the creator of Buffy, for another great series called Dollhouse.



James Marsters (Spike)
Spike was one of the coolest characters on the show, despite being an exemplary bad boy. He looked handsome with his white hair and a classy leather coat, and acted like there was no tomorrow (which, we agree, is easy when you’re a vampire). After starring in Angel he continued acting, making quite a spectacular appearance in Torchwood as the devious Captain John Hart. Right now his focus is more on music than acting.


Juliet Landau (Drusilla)
We admit that most of the time Drusilla was completely bonkers, but weren’t you at least a little bit heartbroken watching Spike after she left him? We certainly were. Drusilla was an innocent girl turned into a vampire by none other than Angel himself back in his bad-boy Angelus days. Definitely not his best move! After finishing Buffy and Angel Juliet Landau went into working on Voice of the Undead, a docu-series that explores the whole vampire narrative both in movies and on TV.



Seth Green (Oz)
Willow’s boyfriend was many things, but mostly notorious for the ability to go all furry and fangy for three days on a full moon. Nevertheless, we loved his laid-back ironic attitude and kind-hearted nature. Seth Green has been a busy bee ever since he left the show, doing voice work for the Family Guy and Robot Chicken that he has co-produced himself. He’s a real gem, this guy!


Julie Benz (Darla)
Darla was Angel’s master vampire and one of the first big characters appearing on the show. Julie Benz did a spectacular job, but her acting aside, can you believe that it’s the same woman that played Darla more than 20 years ago? She’s definitely changed, but looks just as young as back in the day. You might have also seen her in Dexter, Defiance, and Desperate Housewives.



Michelle Trachtenberg (Dawn Summers)
Michelle Trachtenberg played Buffy’s little sister who oh-so-loved getting into trouble. She was naturally drawn into Buffy’s dangerous world filled with blood-thirsty vampires, stakes, and occasional Ends of the World, which had to be prevented. Michelle grew into a gorgeous young woman and starred in a plethora of shows, including Weeds, Love Bites, and Six Feet Under.