These 16 Photos of Sosenka the Polish Cosplayer Will Blow Your Mind


A Polish cosplayer who calls herself Sosenka is somehow able to transform herself into virtually anybody whether it is our favorite Houses from Game of Thrones to popular anime characters and Marvel superheros. One moment she manages to look exactly like the young and beautiful wizard Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter series and in the next moment she is the middle-aged meth manufacturer Walter White from Breaking Bad! In fact, this talented girl designs the costumes by herself and is even her own makeup artist! Her 340k on Facebook and additional 177k on Instagram isn’t too shabby, but come on folks! With that kind of talent nobody deserves to hit the million mark more than Sosenka. So do your part and follow her, guys!


1. Majin Buu
Check out Sosenka as one of the characters from the Dragon Ball manga series! She sure looks evil, eh? Or is she cosplaying a good guy? I guess we need to watch the show and get to the bottom of this.


2. Walter White
Here is Sonenka all dressed as everybody’s favorite meth dealer from Breaking Bad.


3. Darth Maul
Sosenka made a good call on this one. Darth Maul is arguably the coolest character in the entire Star Wars franchise. So naturally George Lucas killed him after just one movie.

4. The Mad Hatter
Hey, it’s Sosenka as the Johnny Depp version of the crazy Mad Hatter as envisioned by Tim Burton!


5. Jack Sparrow
Hey, it’s Sosenka as the Johnny Depp version of the crazy pirate as envisioned by Disney!

6. Iron Man
She makes a pretty fierce superhero, doesn’t she?


7. Severus Snape
Sosenka definitely does a convincing job as the wizard at Hogwarts whom everybody was convinced was evil but in reality was a good guy all along!


8. Tyrion Lannister
Her cosplay as the wittiest character on Game of Thrones is nothing short of awesome.

9. Jon Snow
Winter is coming. Just kidding. At the time this article was published, spring had already arrived.


10. Mavis Dracula
She is absolutely terrifying as the teenage vampire from Hotel Transylvania…terrifyingly cute, that is. See what I did there?

11. Luna Lovegood
Sosenka really has cosplaying Harry Potter characters down to a science.


12. Lord Beerus
Here he (she) is as another popular character from Dragon Ball. Frankly speaking, given that he is known as the God of Destruction, I believe that the humble title of “Lord” is far below his actually status.


13. Rock Lee
This character from the Japanese anime series Naruto has some serious eyebrows.


14. Princess Fiona
The princess from Shrek, the funniest animated movie ever. At least the first movie anyway.

15. Daphne
No cosplay would be complete without character from Scooby Doo, right?


16. Jared Leto
Sosenka as Jared Leto. Not a character that Leto has played in a movie, mind you. Just Jared Leto.