These Incredible Avocado Pit Carved Figurines Are Simply Mesmerizing

Do you love avocado? Of course you do. Who in their right mind doesn’t love this awesome fruit? But have you ever looked at avocado and thought “this could be potentially made into art”? If you’re thinking avocado roses – you’re not looking deep enough. We’re talking about art made out of avocado pits. Yeah, that’s right, that bit of avocado you usually just throw out without a second glance can be made into a piece of art and that’s exactly what Jan Campbell likes to do.


How did she get started with this? Well, according to Jan, she just saw a deep scratch on the avocado pit and it was so pigmented she just felt compelled to carve away at it. The places people find inspiration in, huh? Next thing you know she was carving out faces and little mushrooms out of avocado pits, then she started carving out Celtic figurines. These days she likes to carve out various faces of forest spirits and Celtic goddesses with long flowing hair. Her miniature figurines can be bought on Etsy and used as little decorative statues or worn as pendants. She also shares photos of her creations on Instagram.



1. Just look at this little old man inside an avocado.



2. How is this even possible?

3. Three old forest spirits made from avocado pits.



4. Look at how cute this little face is.

5. The one on the right is just insane, isn’t it? The level of precision is just crazy!



6. It’s giving us Hobbit vibes, like it could be one of the dwarfs.

7. Those have to be dwarfs, I mean, just look at those beards.



8. Old forest spirit or Gandalf?

9. What a gorgeous lady face.



10. Don’t you want to get the whole gang?

11. Leaf beards are the best! This should become a real life trend.



12. Sometimes it takes a big avocado pit to make a cute little face. But it would make a great pendant don’t you think?