This Man Creates Realistic Dolls With Hair That Looks Better Than Yours


Do you find yourself being jealous of people’s hair a lot? I know I do. I mean, some people just have this amazing volume to their hair, and mine is completely flat. Other’s have gorgeous waves or curls and mine is pin straight, it doesn’t even hold the curl very well. I understand that some people spend ages on their hair to look that good, and that celebs have entire teams dedicated to making their hair look spectacular. I’ve made my peace with it. But this man creates dolls with hair that makes me green with envy. I mean, this is a whole new level of low. I’m jealous of plastic dolls. But enough about me. Let’s talk about The Royal Dolls and the man behind these gorgeous creations.



Rafinha Silva is a Brazilian artist who creates these beautiful and realistic looking dolls with awesome hair. He found himself drawn to arts from a very young age. In fact, one of his favorite things to draw were girls with long hair. But he had no clue that it’s his love of long hair that will make him hella popular on Instagram years later.

Rafinha started creating custom dolls back in 2013. He just liked the idea of creating something unique and decided to create a doll that looks like Amy Winehouse, with her famous hairstyle. Since then he’s created over 500 dolls, some of them look like celebrities, some like Disney Princesses and others are just custom dolls ordered by his clients.



What I find particularly amazing is his ability to recreate Disney Princess hair. I mean, usually Disney Princess Barbies have a lot of hair, but it’s never THIS nice. Every strand of hair, every curl is styled to perfection. It’s truly incredible.

And let me tell you, his custom dolls are spot on, down to every hair on their head. But it’s not just the hair that he makes sure is perfect. He also repaints their faces and even customizes their outfits. And if you don’t believe me, take a look at his Instagram.



Look at this elf girl with pastel hair. Could it be a modern version of Tinkerbell?

I mean just look at this Barbie Frida Khalo.

Do you see these curls? So jealous!



And this, ladies and gentlemen, is a barbie Britney Spears.

Unicorn hair anyone?



The essential women’s hipster hairstyle.