This Photographer Transports Us To A Fairy Planet

In an age where we’re seeing a lot of cookie-cutter photographers, an aesthetic that truly stands out from the rest is a diamond in the rough to fine. But someone called Ronny Garcia finally caught our eye.



He uses art to express his emotions freely and started with self-portraits, which he is now famous for. He’s also fantastic at telling alluring stories about the human soul.


He uses unique elements of color, and also has a feeling of sensuality within his portrait work, playing with lighting, skin nature, and hair in a way that is seductive but entirely classy.



His color palettes all go together seamlessly, and none of his editings is obvious or overdone. Instead, the beauty is in the subtleties – it’s like a high fashion runway version of Lord of the Rings, but better.


But he’s also open enough to post before and afters of his Photoshop mastery, instead of proving he has some magical, unreal photography skills. Even though they are pretty amazing.



Some pieces he has kept the post-production quite minimal and raw, while others are more stylized.


In one photo, a close up of a girls face evokes feelings within. In another, two girls lie in a field, their hair entangled in balls of yarn so that it looks like they hair descends from the ball.



He also has the essence to capture the essence of seasons in an almost spiritual way, even with how he positions his models.


He even titles one piece ‘Autumn witch”, and these beauties really do look like haunting witch fairies rather than damsels in distress.



In an age of photography that is focused on the age of Fashion Nova booty implants and plastic-laden faces, it’s nice to see someone go outside dismal reality and into a magical fantasy forest where we can escape with them.


One thing is certain: this man knows style, color, and photography – we’ve already been transported to another planet.