This Woman Created A Catland Full Of Majestic Siberian Cats


Being a cat lady is usually perceived as a bad thing. It’s usually something people say about a lonely woman, who doesn’t have a man in her life but has a cat (or a couple of them) as a pet. Well, this Russian woman is about to prove you wrong. Her name is Alla Lebedeva, she lives in Prigorodny, Siberia and has a Catland. Alla and her husband have been raising Siberian cats for more than a decade and they let them roam freely on their property. They’re not even sure how many cats they have now, but Alla likes to joke that “about a million, maybe more”.


These fluffy Siberian cats come and leave as they please, they’re allowed to sleep in the hen-house when they want, and they make themselves useful. They protect the chickens and rabbits that Alla owns from mice and rats and also they just look freaking majestic. In fact, they get so much attention that Alla created a Youtube channel where she posts videos of them and they get hundreds of thousands of views. These cats are actually even more famous than they’re given credit for. A lot of the time people share pictures of these incredible Siberian cats from her Catland and mistakenly say they’re Norwegian forest cats, which is not the case at all. Anyways, enough talking, go look at the pretty picture of these glorious cats.



1. Look at these majestic fluffs in the snow. They look freaking royal!



2. Squad goals, am I right? You only wish your cat had such a cool gang.

3. Dude, you missed a spot on your neck, let me help.



4. Cute but menacing, don’t you want them as your bodyguards?

5. Just massive fluffs balancing on a fence, like overgrown birds.



6. Gotta stay clean, gotta groom even in the wintertime.

7. So much fluff! Help! Cuteness overload.

8. What are you looking at? Can’t you see we’re busy?



9. Oh no, paparazzi again. Pretend you don’t see the camera, pose like model. Perfect candid shot.

10. Siberian winters are tough, but so is this kitty.