Top 10 Best Actress Oscar Winners

Every time a starlet receive her first Academy Award, she blossoms into a true star. Here are the most memorable female Oscar winners who played iconic roles and stuck in our minds forever.



Meryl Streep
Meryl Streep of Oscars, and the most nominated actor. She’s received over 20 Oscars and the acting chops to back it up. She’s won for roles in films like Sophie’s Choice, The Post, The Iron Lady, and Florence Foster Jenkins. There isn’t a role this woman couldn’t play!



Natalie Portman
The smart, beautiful and talented Natalie Portman just has acting as one of her many skills, but she really stood out to the Academy in 2010, when she won an award for Black Swan. The tortured but elegant starlet practically transformed into a ballerina for her immersive role.


Brie Larson
The 2016 film that Brie won an award for is as beautiful as it is heart-breaking. You may have seen her in Trainwreck, but this nuanced role as a brave but desperate mother is her best by far. It’s her first Academy Award win, and we can’t wait to see more.



Frances McDormand
Frances McDormand is the wildcard of Hollywood – she’s not your classic plastic blond trying to hold onto the fountain of youth. Nope, this gal just plays real roles, and makes us believe every one with conviction. Remember Almost Famous? Her most recent one was for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, which absolutely blew us away.


Halle Berry
Halle Berry was the first black woman to win an academy award. She won best actress for 2002’s Monster’s Ball. We remember the role, the dress, and the speech. And we’re begging for Berry to make a Hollywood comeback!



Shirley MacLaine
This actress has our hearts warming and sides splitting in a variety of movies, but she caught everyone’s attention for her role in 1984’s Terms of Endearment – she even ended up winning Best Actress and received a standing ovation for it.


Charlize Theron
Charlize has never shrunk away from an intense or demanding role, and both of her Awards prove that. In 2004, she completely transformed herself and earned Best Actress for Monster. The movie was unforgettable for anyone who watched it. Just two years later, she was nominated for North Country.


Hilary Swank
Speaking of transformations, Swank also turned herself unrecognizable in Boys Don’t Cry. Playing a cross-dressing woman who struggled with her sexuality, she played a role that was revolutionary for the time, and is still iconic, frozen in time. She then won again for the 2005 film Million Dollar Baby, where she played a raw, dedicated boxer.



Julia Roberts
Julia has been nominated for endless movies like Pretty Woman and Steel Magnolia. But her role as a crusading lawyer and mother in 2001’s Erin Brokovich. She won the hearts of many with her persevering, brassy, and hilarious character.


Julianne Moore
This redhead has been winning awards since 1998 – her first win was for Best Supporting Actress in the 1998 flick Boogie Nights, and she went on to keep slaying the Academy with roles like The Hours and the tear-jerker Still Alice. This babe’s range is amazing.