Top 10 Bollywood Celebrities of 2018

Another year is almost over so it’s time to sum up the year and talk about the top 10 Bollywood celebs of 2018. We hope you like all of the celebs that we put on this list and if you have your own favorites that we haven’t mentioned – leave your suggestions in the comments they’re always welcome.



1. Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka has been topping Indian celebrity lists for years now. She’s beautiful and talented and popular, everyone knows her name and wished they could be like her. What’s not to like about her? But this year, her marriage to Nick Jonas and their extravagant wedding celebrations definitely put her in the top of not only Indian celebs but worldwide too.



2. Deepika Padukone
Deepika is also not a stranger to fame. She’s very well-known and respected in the showbiz industry. She’s always mentioned as the Bollywood royalty, but 2018 has been a great year for her. She made it to the top of IMDb’s Indian celebrities, leaving everyone else behind.

3. Alia Bhatt
Alia Bhatt is one of the youngest and most popular Indian stars. She’s won multiple Best Actress awards last year which definitely helped to push her career and popularity even further, and this year she won Best Actress in NBT Utsav 2018 Awards, Screen Awards and Zee Cine Awards, and has been nominated for a whole bunch others too. Her popularity is skyrocketing and we’re expecting more of great things from her in the next year.



4. Shraddha Kapoor
Shraddha Kapoor has had her claim to fame back in 2010 and since then her popularity has been steadily growing. Despite a setback in her career due to not very commercially successful films in the past she’s back this year with a comedy horror film Stree. Apart from movies, she’s also quite popular with brands and has deals with many of them and even managed to start her own clothing line. Her Instagram is booming too, she has over 26 million followers.

5. Jacqueline Fernandez
This Sri Lankan beauty has captured the hearts of people a long time ago. Her fans love her for her incredible talent in acting, her beauty and her phenomenal sense of style, but this year she blew everyone away with her performance at the Star Screen Awards.



6. Akshay Kumar
It’s not just women on our list of top Indian celebs, men made it here too. Akshay Kumar had a very successful 2018. He released 3 movies: Padman, Gold and 2.0. He also won the best director award for Mumbai Special 6 this year, which definitely increased his popularity and earned him a place on this list.

7. Radhika Apte
2018 was also a great year for Radhika Apte. She’s known for her theater work and she’s been successful in film industry too. After the release and success of Pad Man, in which she starred alongside Sonam Kapoor and Akshay Kumar she also managed to get a role in two web series: Lust Stories and Ghoul. And of course we can’t forget the commercial success of Andhadhun. Looks like this year has been an amazing time for her career.

8. Sonam Kapoor
You can’t have a top lips of Indian celebs without the Queen of Bollywood – Sonam Kapoor. Not only is she an amazing actress, but her sense of style has been evolving more and more and 2018 has truly been a year of incredibly fashionable looks for her. Fashion queen alert!



9. Salman Khan
Salman Khan is actually number 5 on IMDb’s list of top Indian starts, but he’s been number one for his fans for years now. People just love him and the work that he does. His film Race 3 also did very well in 2018 and in general he’s quite hard to compete with considering his yearly earnings.

10. Shahid Kapoor
And finally Shahid Kapoor also made it onto our list. Despite his fluctuating and unpredictable career Shahid is considered to be one of the most attractive Indian celebrities and his popularity doesn’t waver despite the commercial success or failure of his movies.