Who You’d Be In Game Of Thrones, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The hype surrounding the Game of Thrones hasn’t calmed down yet, although it’s been weeks after the last episode of the season. We can easily see why! GoT is packed with amazing complex characters that aren’t good or bad, but always somewhere in-between. Astrology also likes to deal with grey areas and can tell you a lot about your own personality. But what happens when we mix the two – Zodiac signs and Game of Thrones characters? We believe you can learn even more about yourself with such vivid examples like Daenerys Targaryen, Arya Stark, Margaery Tyrell, and other gorgeous ladies from the show. Here’s who you’d be in Game of Thrones, based on Astrology.



Cersei Lannister – Cancer
Cancer ladies are known for their motherly qualities. Cersei is a strict woman and a natural-born leader, but she is also a mother and often puts the interests of her children beyond her own. Cancers are also very patriotic, and from what we can see in Cersei’s behavior – she’d do anything to keep her country safe (or in her grasp, which may be the same thing from her perspective).



Ygritte – Gemini
Gemini women are a little bit two-faced to say the least. One minute she’s as calm as an icy mountain, and the next one she’s bursting with flames and emotions. That’s exactly what Ygritte is like! She’s a hunter and a wildling of a girl, which makes her a tough cookie, but when Jon comes around she reveals her softer side and totally falls in love with the guy. She is spontaneous, but loyal, and likes to speak whatever’s on her mind.

Brienne of Tarth – Virgo
Virgo women like to travel a lot and Brienne is no exception! She travels from place to place following Catelyn Stark and her daughter Sansa, and then travels some more to find Arya. Basically, she travels all the time! Virgo is the sign that deals with servitude and we see a lot of that happening in Brienne’s life. She is also into rituals – from daily training as a knight to giving oaths in a solemn manner. That’s such a Virgo thing to do!



Sansa Stark – Libra
Libra women think about relationships a lot. When we first saw Sansa Stark all she wanted was to dress prettily, get married, and live a life of love and peace. That’s why she didn’t like Arya much – her sister was such a rebel! Libra women also believe in justice and righting all the wrongs. We see that as Sansa’s getting older she starts thinking about paying back all those people who hurt her family.

Margaery Tyrell – Taurus
Taurus ladies are often associated with beauty and luxury, and we can easily see all that in Margaery Tyrell. She is also smart and stubborn, and wouldn’t change her course no matter what. Things aren’t going as smooth with Joffrey (with him being dead and all)? No worries, there’s still Tommen who she can marry and still become the queen. Taurus women are strong-willed and know what they want in life.



Daenerys Targaryen – Aries
Aries women have a strong sense of independence, that’s why Daenerys is the ‘breaker of chains’ – she can’t live in peace when there’s so much injustice happening in the world around her! She’s also a leader, even her relationships with Khal Drogo led to her becoming the Dothraki Queen. Aries is a fire sign and we can easily see it in Daeny’s character – she can burst into flames any time she doesn’t like something. She’s also the Mother of Dragons, so there’s that.

Arya Stark – Scorpio
Scorpio is a sign of mystery, transformation, death, and rebirth. Arya has had a history with changing names, personalities, clothes, and even – skin! Even before she became ‘a girl with no name’ she was good at hiding her true nature and completely let go of her name and status, turning into a boy. Scorpio ladies are all about goals and are persistent enough to reach them.



Catelyn Stark – Pisces
Pisces ladies are very sensitive and intuitive. We can definitely say that about Catelyn Stark, Ned’s wife! She can feel danger from afar and knows about secret enemies lurking in the dark, but doesn’t always have the strength or means to fight them. Pisces can also see things the way they want them, not how they actually are. She was so mad with Ned that she never thought Jon wasn’t actually his son and spent her whole life hating the boy.

Melisandre – Sagittarius
Sagittarius women are very straightforward and can’t lie. Melisandre always speaks the truth, at least the way she sees it! She’s adventurous and has a global mission of making everyone’s life better. That’s what makes Sagittarius women so dangerous! They get really stubborn when they think someone needs their help, and nothing can stop them from doing the right thing.



Ellaria Sand – Leo
Leo women love attention, demand respect, and like to bathe in admiration. Ellaria Sand is a proud woman that likes sensual pleasures just as much as she likes power. She may be arrogant at times, but can also be generous, especially with the people she loves. But if treated the wrong way, a Leo woman can be hot-tempered and vengeful. In her fit of revenge Ellaria was ready to sacrifice anything to get to Cersei, but the queen outsmarted her.

Olenna Tyrell – Capricorn
Capricorn women are leaders and go-getters that want to succeed in life. In that aspect, Olenna Tyrell is a perfect Capricorn! Her ambitions and inner drive paired with age and wisdom made her one of the smartest people in Westeros. She plotted not worse than Petyr Baelish himself, and we know he is the ultimate trickster in Game of Thrones. This is an alpha female that has a path to follow and she’s not afraid to use her ‘horns’ to kick away anyone who is in her way.



Missandei – Aquarius
Aquarius women love freedom and would do anything to get rid of chains and all kinds of restrictions. Missandei got her freedom with the help of Daenerys and remained by her side out of her own free will as a helper. Aquarius is an air sign, but one should be careful with Aquarius women as they are no easy breeze, but rather a storm waiting to happen.