10 Awesome Ways To Decorate Cupcakes For Christmas

Christmas is one of those holidays we all go crazy for. You can’t not embrace Christmas, unless you’re Scrooge. We decorate everything, including our house, our workplace, even ourselves (by wearing ugly christmas sweaters). We keep buying candy canes, because they add a christmas touch to our drinks and also serve as a decoration. Why not make our food look festive too? If you want to make your food look festive and Christmasy, cupcakes are the easiest way to do that. It’s a delicious dessert, it’s easy to make and decorating them can be as easy or as complicated as you want it to be. Here’re some ideas for inspiration and let’s get baking!



Christmas Tree Cupcakes
If you think that the only way to make your cupcakes look festive is to make them red – you’re wrong. Look at these cute christmas tree options. All three are pretty easy to do. You can just drizzle the chocolate in the shape of a christmas tree, wait for it to solidify and stick in on top, or you can be creative and make strawberries into christmas trees. The third option is just regular frosting with sprinkles and a star on top. It’s so easy, but it looks amazing!

Deer Cupcakes
Reindeer are synonymous with Christmas, so that’s also a great idea for cupcake decoration. Also, deer are like the most hipstery animals these days. So, again, you have options. You can go all cool and hipstery with just the outline of deer antlers, or you can make your cupcakes look like Rudolph the Reindeer.

Elf Cupcakes
The best thing about these adorable elf cupcakes is that you don’t even have to try that hard. Since elves are quite recognizable characters it’s enough to just use parts of their wardrobe as a decoration. Use cardboard cutouts and make it look like an elf fell into your cupcake headfirst, or just make the frosting look like an elf hat. You could also use candy canes as elf legs.

Penguin Cupcakes
Penguins might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Christmas, but i deem them appropriate enough for the holiday. I mean, they’re adorable and some of them live in Antarctica, where it’s always winter. What other reason do you need?

Present Cupcakes
Christmas is supposed to be all about family and sharing and the birth of Jesus, but come one. We all know that the best thing about Christmas is all the presents we’re gonna get. Who wouldn’t like a cupcake decorated as a christmas gift? It’s like combining the two best things ever: dessert and presents.

Santa Cupcakes
It’s not Christmas without a Santa Claus. Once again, there’s many options here. You can just make the frosting look like a the Santa’s hat, or you can make it look like Santa fell into the chimney, or you can attempt Santa’s face with chocolate drops and perhaps even mini marshmallows for the beard.

Snowflake Cupcakes
Snowflake cupcakes are probably the classiest looking cupcakes. You can make them look as fancy as you want depending on the style of decorations. Here’s 2 lifehacks to creating snowflakes. You can either drizzle white chocolate onto parchment in a snowflake shape and wait for it to solidify, then just stick it onto your frosted cupcake. Or you can just use snowflake shaped cookies as decorations.

Snowman Cupcakes
Snowmen cupcakes are easy to make and they look great. You can achieve that melted snowman look by just using melted white chocolate or by melting some marshmallows on top. An even easier option is just white frosting and some chocolate to make a snowman face.

Polar Bear Cupcakes
Polar bears are also very Christmasy, right? I mean they used them in the Christmas Coca-Cola ads, remember? Plus, they live on the North Pole, that’s where Santa lives too. Anyway, you don’t really need a reason to make polar bear cupcakes. Just look how awesome these look. Protip: use coconut shavings to imitate the fur.

Christmas Lights Cupcakes
I firmly believe there’s no such thing as too much Christmas lights. So yes, put them on your cupcakes too. You can either buy candy that looks like Christmas lights, or just create your own using M&M’s. Another cool way to make Christmas lights is to use green frosting to imitate the wires and then put sprinkles on top to imitate the lights.