The 12 Best Free Apps for Travel Junkies

1 The 12 Best Free Apps for Travel JunkiesGoing on a trip? While packing do not forget to take also some essential travel applications. Useful and convenient applications can greatly facilitate, or even add a new dimension to your vacation. Maps, currency calculator and city guide, dictionary and easy search for your hotel – an efficient set of applications that will allow you to easily plan the trip and save time, money and prevent jangled nerves. Therefore a selection of THE best free applications for you travel junkies.



2 HopperHopper
The first thing you should start your journey preparation with is searching for flight deals. The best helper you will find is ‘Hopper’ (both for Android and IOS). This application not only makes it easy to manage your flights and is comfortable to use, but it also will save you a lot of money. Hopper is not an ordinary flight aggregator, it analyzes flight prices every day and makes predictions when it is the best time to book a flight. You may actually save around 40% with their predictions.


3 AirbnbAirbnb
When tickets are booked you have to find the perfect place to stay in. Here comes Airbnb. Airbnb is a service where people lease their own apartments, houses, houseboats and even castles! The first advantage is protection. The owners and guests provide full information including passport data and you can always check reviews of other users who had already had some deals with these owners. The second plus is that you are able to ask for any help and guidance through the city and some tips on where to park your car or to buy cheap food or clothes. Usually, the owners are quite helpful. The thing I like the most about Airbnb is that you may find extremely interesting and unique accommodations. Book a cube house in Rotterdam or a castle in Scotland, the house on the roof in Tuscany or the barge in Washington and your vacation will be unbelievable! Once we booked the whole office in Vienna!

4 TouristEyeTouristEye
As you know, traveling independent, on your own differs from the organized tours that you can buy. You plan your time yourself and do not feel like you are a sheep in a flock that a sheppard drives you through the high points of a location. On the other hand, to correctly plan the excursion, so that you could see and know more and don’t get lost, may not be that easy. The TouristEye application will help you cope with this task and will act as your personal guide.


5 CheaptripCheaptrip
This is a very unusual application for traveling. With its assistance you can search for cheap tours, theme travel deals, and even buy a tour almost for free. Cheaptrip is a bit complicated, and for new users it’s somehow difficult to get the hang of. However, after you spend 5-10 minutes learning how to use it, you then will save a few hundred dollars on your trip. Not such a bad investment, right?

6 PackpointPackpoint
I love this app! Packpoint was made for obsessed totally organized people. It is a very smart application. It builds your custom packing list according to the weather, activities planned and the length of your journey. It is very simple so you won’t spend extra time on packing and it also works as a reminder.


7 Google translateGoogle translate
Another irreplaceable thing of every solo traveler is the language translator. Google is one of the most user friendly and one. And, since it’s Google, it’s packed with an enormous aggregation of data on every language. The only minus is that you will need an internet access to make it work. This is good to use to review the places you will visit the following day, while relaxing at a wifi-friendly cafe in the evening.

8 FoursquareFoursquare
To navigate around strange towns/cities may become a challenge even for experienced travelers. But not if you have the Foursquare application. Foursquare is the best way to find personal recommendations and learn about the city around you. It’s perfect when you want to find the perfect place to eat, drink or shop, as you see recommendations of the both city visitors and locals and their reviews.


What does a travel junky always need? Of course, the map! But the problem is that a paper map is not always on hand, and access to the Internet may not be available at times. In this case, the application will come in handy. It allows you to download maps of the targeted cities so that you will always have the opportunity to enjoy them offline. It doesn’t work as a navigator, but it offers a wide variety of map objects and spots like parks, university campuses, subways, zoos, ATMs and much more.

10 TriposoTriposo
Thanks to this wonderful application you won’t need to search for, buy and carry thick guidebooks – the app has all the most important information for the traveler: the overall summary of the country, the phrase books for the non-English locations, brief maps, information about all current events, local wildlife, festivals, etc. The immense plus is that it does not require an Internet connection, which is very convenient when you are in another country.


11 xe currencyxe currency
While abroad, the traveler constantly feels the need for a currency converter – for this purpose there is are special mobile applications, which may greatly simplify your calculations. There are lots of them but the most convenient, to my opinion, is xe currency.

12 ZomatoZomato
Any independent traveler knows that eating in local restaurants is much tastier than in the restaurants advertised in the brochures for tourists. Zomato will help you to choose a good place where you can eat. Discover great places, read menus of recommended restaurants and leave your own reviews.



13 HoteltonightHoteltonight
Hotel tonight is the best option if you didn’t book any place to stay in advance. You may search through this application for last-minute deals for today, tomorrow and up to 7 days out. It is more than just convenient, it saves you a bunch of money as hotels are competing to sell their empty rooms at any price.