8 Simple Green Smoothies That Make Salad Taste Like Dessert

Dieting can be so boring, and sometimes, getting your daily green fix can be so expensive from a juice bar or cafe. Investing in a juicer is even more expensive. So forget those pricey gadgets and measly $8 juice bar drinks! Make your own at home in the form of a nutritious and delicious smoothie that pretty much tastes like you’re drinking dessert. Your body and your taste buds will thank you!



1. Superfood Mint Cacao Nib Green Smoothie
This superfood packed smoothie tastes just like a mint chocolate chip milkshake, and is must for any fan of McDonald’s Shamrock Shake. Treat yourself to dessert for breakfast with this creamy and sweet treat.

2. Vegan Mango Coconut Green Smoothie
This tropical treat will brighten up even the darkest day. The mango and coconut hints taste like a trip to the beach. Whip up this fruity milkshake while still reaping benefits of all of its healthy nutrients!

3. Strawberry Pomegranate Green Smoothie
This layered smoothie is visually stunning and tastes unbelievable. In this recipe, you can make it extra tasty by whipping the cream off the top of refrigerated coconut milk. And the pomegranates make it taste so succulent.

4. Cookies N’ Cream Green Monster Smoothie
You can’t even taste the handfuls of spinach in this delicious smoothie. You get to blend some tasty cookies (opt for a Trader Joe’s brand without additives). An excuse to have cookies for breakfast that will still leave you energized. Cookies and cream gets to live on past our childhood in this healthy grown-up version.

5. Peach, Kale, & Coconut Smoothie
The ginger-peach combo is one that’s sure to wake you up, and have you raving a second glass. Kale hides between these gorgeous flavor, topped with a dollop of raw honey. Using fresh peaches will be extra juicy and absolutely transport you.

6. Reese’s Spinach Smoothie
If you want to drink a smoothie that tastes like Reese’s Pieces, then you’re in luck. The creamy peanut butter and Greek yogurt blends up scrumptiously with chocolate protein powder, and spinach that tastes invisible. Mmm.

7. Ultimate Party Smoothie With Chunky Chocolate Granola & Raw Cookie Dough
Milkshakes with extravagant baked good toppings seem to be a trend this year, so someone made a healthy version with chunky chocolate granola and raw cookie dough balls that tastes just as delicious, and will be sure to impress at a party.

8. Kale Pina-Covado Protein Smoothie
Pina Coladas are a weakness that are hard not to give in to. The kale is a nutrient powerhouse and the avocado is so good for you and gives the smoothie a light, mousse-like flavor. Who knew that veggies could taste so good?