Beautiful Big Batch Cocktails That Are Sure To Be Crowd Pleasers

There’s nothing more satisfying than a light and refreshingly sweet summer cocktail to get you tipsy and smiling as you soak in the sun. These cocktails are exactly what your brunches, showers, and cookouts are missing – guests will be wowed by the vibrant hues and textures in these beverages. Best of all, you can make them in a huge pitcher so you don’t have to pour twenty individual drinks.



1. Blood Orange Sangria
Who can say no to sangria? Blood orange provides a vibrant hue to the drink that perfectly compliments that gradually warming weather. Serve in mason jars with a sugar-coated rim and add the lovely orange slices – it gets better the longer it sits out so feel free to make ahead.



2. Bubbly Strawberry Mojitos
This bubbly and fruity cocktail is just what your brunch is missing. It’s light and pretty-in-pink – and you can add texture by throwing in strawberry slices along with whole strawberries. Accented with lime, no guest will turn down this rose wine.

3. Raspberry Rhubarb Collins Party Punch
The color from the rhubarb adds a truly magical element to this addictive cocktail. You can use frozen rhubarb and raspberries, so even when the warm weather leaves us, this can be a year-round treat for your guests.

4. Green Tomato Bloody Mary
This will be a must for the bloody mary fan, but with a unique twist. It looks like a kale juice at first glance – but that lovely shade actually comes from green tomatoes! Green tomatoes are rock-hard and unappetizing on their own, but when cooked to soft tenderness and blended with jalapeno, lime, pepper and more, this superfood cocktail is virtuous as well as yummy.



5. Vodka Mint Lemonade
Nothing beats lemonade on a hot summer day. Except maybe lemonade with mint and a heavy handful of vodka…this is a quick and easy recipe with an immense payoff. You can sweeten with honey instead of sugar if you’re going for a more all-natural drink (we’re not, give us more sugar, always.)

6. Spiked Sherbet Frappe Punch
This might be the most indulgent cocktail on the list. Basically an ice cream sundae in a bowl, with some booze added in. The sherbet makes this drink look so dreamy, and is perfect for a girl’s night or any shower.

7. Watermelon Hibiscus Lime Cooler And Margarita
Pick up some perfectly sweet watermelons and dried hibiscus makes for a nectar that we would guzzle down all day if we could. If you can’t get your hands on dried hibiscus, hibiscus tea bags will work. You can garnish the pitcher with watermelon slices instead of lemon for an Instagram-worthy look.



8. Honey Thyme Lemonade With Sugared Blackberries
You might need to take a seat for this one. Mandy’s recipe on Style Me Pretty is an inspired blend of honey thyme lemonade and sugared blackberry – it’s not really an adult beverage until you see her cheeky note at the bottom to simply add a bit of vodka. And that we will!

9. Kiwi Blueberry Mojito
This vibrant and textured mojito is chock-full of fruits. Basically a fruit salad + liquor, which we’re totally cool with. If you use sweet enough fruit, you might not even have to ad any sugar. The addition of a smooth rum and blue or green sugar make this a drink worthy of any party.