What To Pack In A Beach Bag: 15 Essentials

What To Pack In A Beach Bag - 15 EssentialsLying on the beach, basking in the sun, listening to the sea… What can be better? Many people consider there is no more perfect way to spend a weekend or a vacation. If you’re one of them you should have a survival kit. There are several things you need to always pack in your bag. Of course you can create your own list of essentials, but before you’d better check our list to make sure you have everything that will help you relax and enjoy your day on the beach.



1. Cover up1. Cover upA real fashionista tries to always look stylish and gorgeous, even on the beach. Thus flaunting a stunning cover up is a great idea. It will not only protect you from the sun if needed, but will also give you a fashionable look and hide some imperfections.



2. Flip flops2. Flip flopsYou know that walking on the hot sand may be pretty painful. That’s why you need flip flops. Choose a pair that matches your entire look. They will make you feel more comfortable when walking on the beach.



3. Fedora3. FedoraA fedora may not only compliment your look, but can also prevent sunstrokes. It’s essential to take it to the beach. Pick one that suits your bikini and cover up and don’t be afraid to flaunt it.



4. Sunglasses4. SunglassesUndoubtedly you need a pair of sunglasses, especially on the beach. They will protect your eyes from the sun. Stylish sunglasses will also take your look to a new level.



5. Hair accessories5. Hair accessoriesIt’s always nice when a girl flaunts gorgeous beachy waves by the sea. But you will probably agree that sometimes it’s just a little bit uncomfortable. Pack a stylish headband or hair ties in your beach bag if you want to keep your hair off of your face.



6. Clutch6. ClutchPacking a small clutch in a bigger beach bag is essential. You will want to put your phone, camera, money and other precious items in there to protect them from the sand that can damage them.



7. SPF7. SPFNot only your precious things demand protection, your body needs protection too. You should take a sunscreen, moisturizer, and other beauty products that your skin needs to be protected from harmful UV rays. SPF products now are rated up to 100. You may want to consult with a dermatologist who can suggest the best strength SPF for your skin.



8. Lip balm8. Lip balmYour lips should be protected too. Sun can dry them out. Take a good lip balm and moisturize them during that day to avoid that awful uncomfortable feeling of dryness.



9. Hair spray9. Hair sprayWe always try to protect our skin and lips on the beach, but we often forget about our hair. It needs protection as well since sun may damage it, dry it out, make it frizzy. Bring a good beach hair spray to save it from UV rays.



10. Cleansing wipes10. Cleansing wipesI’m pretty sure that one, maybe the only, thing you hate on the beach is feeling dirty. Do not forget to pack cleansing wipes. They will remove dirt, sweat and grime. You can also use them to clean hands before lunch.



11. Blanket11. BlanketMany people prefer to use big towels instead of blankets. But if you want to use a towel as a towel on the beach, you will probably agree that it’s uncomfortable to lie on a wet towel after drying off. Blankets are larger and will make you feel better.



12. Microfiber towel12. Microfiber towelMicrofiber towels are small and very comfortable to bring on the beach as they won’t take up the whole bag. They absorb water 7-10 times faster. So, you can pack both a blanket and a towel to take your rest to a new level.



13. Water13. WaterWe need to drink a lot of water during the day, and even more on the beach. Thus a bottle of water is a must-have in your bag. Drink as much as possible to prevent dehydration.



14. Snack14. SnackYou will definitely feel hungry if you want to spend the whole day by the sea. Pack some snacks in your bag if you don’t want to pay a fortune in restaurants. Fruits, nuts, protein bars – all of these snacks are much cheaper and no doubt healthier.



15. Entertainment15. EntertainmentA good book is not a must-have on the beach, but it will definitely make your day better as well as other entertainment items such as magazines, journals, good music etc. Bring some things you love on the beach. Have a nice rest!