Rato Kim – The Artist Behind BreadCat Will Make You Jump With Joy


If you don’t know what a “BreadCat” is, you’re about to be obsessed with it. Yes, just a simple cat toy who is shaped like a loaf of bread will turn your terrible day upside down.



Lucky for you, the artist of these toast kitties has an online store. Rato Kim is a toy artist from Seoul, South Korea who creates incredibly adorable cats, rivalling Hello Kitty. She was inspired to create BreadCat based on how cats looked when their paws were hidden, while sitting.

She tries to keep her cats diverse – after all, cats can have quite expressive faces, so why limit their species to just one? Some are sleeping, some are content, and some surprised! They’re quite charming – look at those ears!

We hope that our local bakeries take a tip and start baking loaves in the shape of cute cats! Rato has a range of cats on her site, with different themes – Takoyaki cat is mimics the hot and gooey stuffed dough ball street food itself. She also has peach variations for pink lovers, mint chocolate chip variation, and even a dinosaur version.



We want our own BreadCat collection way more passionately than we ever felt about Pokemon! These characters are really creative, and her average reviews on Etsy are 5 stars with people giddily posting pics, so that’s proof that these BreadCat really do make everyone happy.

Often, these things are really gimmicks online, and the quality is trash or they don’t look as cute in person. But people are really satisfied with their final BreadCat, and we hope that designer toy creators get more involved with the way they bring joy to people.

It might not be the most revolutionary invention, but it will make you smile on a dreary Monday, or when you’re scrolling through depressing news stories. Rato even makes BreadCat masking tape (or washi tape) and we can’t wait to see what she rolls out next.

Rato created BreadCat for people who love cats, but aren’t ready for the responsibility of a real life cat. What are you waiting for, in that case? Get yourself on her Etsy shop and buy one immediately!