Sushi Donuts – A Confusing But Artistic Food Mash-Up

A pretty confusing trend in the recent world of food-mashups. First there was a sushi burrito, and now we have the magnificently strange sushi donut. Not really sure what to make of this – whether it makes us crave some delicious sashimi, or an equally mouthwatering donut. But we’re not sure we want to combine those two loves into the same world, although this sushi donut art wilds some surprisingly lovely results.

One of the first pioneers in the sushi donut movement is Sam of So Beautifully Raw, who also did a recipe on those awesome galaxy donuts that we featured not too long ago. She took a donut mold and truly thought outside of the box, adorning her faux-pastries with wasabi, avocado, ginger and more. Sub for whatever ingredients make you happy!



Sushi Donut Dreamin' ? #vegan

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When food masquerades as other foods, we can go through some pretty confusing emotions. In a world of baked goods and desserts that are designed to look like other things, when we get a donut that looks like sushi, only to find out it is actually sushi, we are left in an existential crisis.

Also, isn’t the point of sushi that you can taste all the little, subtle tastes in a wonderfully composed roll? How exactly do we eat this properly? It doesn’t look possible with chopsticks, and doesn’t look bite-friendly since each piece of the donut is covered in a different piece of topping! Still fascinated though.

Asked if I could, then I did. This is my first sushi donut. #sushi #sushidonut #yunspire #yunspiretocook

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Well…I guess if we’re talking spicy mayo in terms of frosting, and sesame seed sprinkles, we can try to get creative and take some liberties with this whole “sushi donut” thing. Are we in the presence of greatness, or will foods in traditional form just become a thing of the past?

Either way, it is pretty charming and makes for a lovely Instagram post. And still looks pretty nom-worthy, even though the process of eating it, and the title ‘donut’ are both questionable things. We’re still cool with just shoving this down our throats.

Even though this is just sushi in the shape of a donut, it’ still a work of art in it’s own right. Try a DIY version, and you might be considering donuts for dinner (but this time, it’ll be healthier than your Krispy Kreme indulgence.)

// YASSS i just made these #sushidonuts ????

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