The World’s 10 Best Hotel Rooms Ever

There’s something about a perfectly luxurious and pristine hotel room that’s just waiting to be defiled. There’s a reason that “hotel sex” is a phrase, and it’s because in the right environment, getting freaky in the right hotel room can feel like you’re momentarily suspended in an enchanted forest, and make all your worries melt away. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of incredibly sexy hotel rooms that will fulfill all your wildest dreams – either solo, or with a partner.



1. Viceroy, New York
Just the views are enough to turn anyone that walks into this room on. The stunningly massive marble bathroom in suite 57 provide floor-to-ceiling views of Central Park that nothing can compare to. If you’re into voyeuristic views and getting freaky against them, this place will totally be up your alley.
the-worlds-10-sexiest-hotel-rooms-where-you-dont-need-a-do-not-disturb-sign-01 the-worlds-10-sexiest-hotel-rooms-where-you-dont-need-a-do-not-disturb-sign-02

2. The Wickaninnish Inn, Tofino, Canada
Snuggling against the ocean view from these rooms in Tofino, BC is super remote on it’s own inlet. The four-post bed made for a king and the gourmet room service will ensure that you never have to get out of bed. But in case you do, it’s jut for more relaxation – enjoy a hot stone massage together before you make your own waves on Shell Beach during sunset.
the-worlds-10-sexiest-hotel-rooms-where-you-dont-need-a-do-not-disturb-sign-03 the-worlds-10-sexiest-hotel-rooms-where-you-dont-need-a-do-not-disturb-sign-04

3. SLS, Las Vegas
What happens in this hotel stays in this hotel. Peekaboo showers and mirrored ceilings are just the beginning at this seductive destination for couples. Mini-bar amenities are labelled by “Sinner” and “Saint”., and the room has an intimacy kit that we’re just dying to try.
the-worlds-10-sexiest-hotel-rooms-where-you-dont-need-a-do-not-disturb-sign-05 the-worlds-10-sexiest-hotel-rooms-where-you-dont-need-a-do-not-disturb-sign-06

4. Sextantio Le Grotte Della Civita, Italy
For those who are a little more adventurous, 50 Shades of Gray style, this self-professed “boutique bedrock” offers cave-style rooms with artisan stonework and rustic designs for those wanting to experience an elegant dungeon fantasy. And an in-cave couples massage so you don’t have to leave your naughty cave abode. Get primitive with your boo here.
the-worlds-10-sexiest-hotel-rooms-where-you-dont-need-a-do-not-disturb-sign-07 the-worlds-10-sexiest-hotel-rooms-where-you-dont-need-a-do-not-disturb-sign-08

5. Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
You will seriously feel like you’re in another planet at this hotel. Located off the coast of Dubai, get freaky against two-story windows facing the Arabian gulf. The room also features a massive jacuzzi, a five-head rain shower, and a 24-carat gold iPad. Bring your bae here to feel like Kim and Kanye for the night.
the-worlds-10-sexiest-hotel-rooms-where-you-dont-need-a-do-not-disturb-sign-09 the-worlds-10-sexiest-hotel-rooms-where-you-dont-need-a-do-not-disturb-sign-10

6. Singita Lebombo Lodge
A hotel room with two beds? Judging by what kinky things go down in luxurious hotel rooms, you can really never have enough beds. Here, located above the N’wanetsi River, you can soak in all the natural beauty of this national park, and enjoy cuddle time indoors, as well as your outdoor bed with a mosquito net, for star-gazing. They’re also known for having a dazzling wine collection. Nothing like some wine + stars to get you in the mood.
the-worlds-10-sexiest-hotel-rooms-where-you-dont-need-a-do-not-disturb-sign-11 the-worlds-10-sexiest-hotel-rooms-where-you-dont-need-a-do-not-disturb-sign-12

7. Blancaneaux Lodge, Belize
This haven is located on top of a forested bluff, and the Enchanted Cottage is a must-stay if you’re choosing to visit here. It’s surrounded by lush, tropical gardens and amazing views. One of the only places where you can skinny dip in a private pool in a rainforest, see the stars so vividly, and experience the private bath house complete with steam room, Japanese tub, and heated floors. Oh, and all room service (chef included) accessible by walkie-talkie. Yes please.
the-worlds-10-sexiest-hotel-rooms-where-you-dont-need-a-do-not-disturb-sign-13 the-worlds-10-sexiest-hotel-rooms-where-you-dont-need-a-do-not-disturb-sign-14

8. Andronis Luxury Suites, Greece
Just on it’s own, Greece is such a dreamy place to visit. We would sleep on the beach, if we had to. But thanks to these suites in the city of Oia on Santorini, you don’t have to. Each room has its own private jacuzzi from which you can soak in Santorini’s whitewashed decor (or be an exhibitionist). Best of all? A perfect romantic retreat – and if you ever feel like getting out of bed, eat at the restaurant which is sitting on a rock that juts out over the water. Also, it’s frowned upon to bring kids, so you don’t have to be self conscious about your canoodling.
the-worlds-10-sexiest-hotel-rooms-where-you-dont-need-a-do-not-disturb-sign-15 the-worlds-10-sexiest-hotel-rooms-where-you-dont-need-a-do-not-disturb-sign-16

9. Six Senses Resort, Ninh Van Bay, Vietnam
The rock pool villas are really the way to go at this unbelievable Vietnamese retreat. They’re a bit more secluded from the busier parts of the hotel, and each room has a private plunge pool set into the rocks. You can only access these villas by a scenic staircase that sits on a hillside, for full privacy and secret naughty moments. If you want total privacy and luxury along with your skinny-dipping, this is for you.
the-worlds-10-sexiest-hotel-rooms-where-you-dont-need-a-do-not-disturb-sign-17 the-worlds-10-sexiest-hotel-rooms-where-you-dont-need-a-do-not-disturb-sign-18

10. The Royalton, New York
Splurge and go for the Alcove Suite with your sweetie. A sleek fireplace encased in glass at the foot of the bed, and leather accents will be the first things to excite you when you walk in the suite, but it only gets better. In this room, 10,000 mirrored tiles labeled “the disco ball bathroom” is big enough for two, and promises a steamy time. Oh, and the minibar is complete with satin restraints and a blindfold, of course.
the-worlds-10-sexiest-hotel-rooms-where-you-dont-need-a-do-not-disturb-sign-19 the-worlds-10-sexiest-hotel-rooms-where-you-dont-need-a-do-not-disturb-sign-20