This South Korean Cafe Looks Just Like A Cartoon

Some places are so charming, they look like a portrait. But not often do you walk in somewhere and feel as though you’re in a cartoon as opposed to a painting.


Restaurants nowadays go too far lengths to create an Instagram-worthy aesthetic in hopes that their eatery will go viral. This bizarre cafe in Seoul really took things to the next level.



Let’s just say that comic book fans will go nuts over this location. Right from the doorstep, visitors are greeted by comic strips covering the interior, including furniture, floor, menus, walls, and even dishes.



This cafe opened in July 2017 and brought a surreal, webtoon fantasy universe to the Yeonman-dong district in South Korea.


It was meant to create the illusion of feeling like you’re actually within the pages of a book. Real pops of color, like coffee and food, will feel almost misplaced in the black and white etchings of this cafe.


The surreal, saturated bits do make for a stark and minimalistic look that we’re tempted to try out in interior design renderings. Those chairs, mirrors and fake sofa benches are pretty stylish.



If you do visit, make sure to wear white and a pop of color for the ‘gram. You’ll look like you’re a part of the restaurant decor!


Kudos to the creative innovator who came up with this idea. It doesn’t exactly cost a pretty penny as other restaurant decors can. Instead, these guys used their imagination in the best way possible, which is way better than an expensive table.


Perhaps the next step is dummy stick people sitting and snacking alongside real diners, but we admit, that could get a little creepy.


Our only question is – if they’re well illustrated, can we draw coins and bills on the table and not have it count as a dine and dash?