This Street Food Instagram Account _Girl Eat World_ Will Make Your Stomach Growl

The mysterious genius behind Girl Eats World combines the most mouthwatering of street cuisine with landscapes that we are equally enamored with. There’s no end to the amount of fancy Instagram foodies out there, but her combination of simple street foods along with the ability to effortlessly capture local life in her shots, is truly the recipe for the perfect shot. She encourages the rest of us to take pics of unusual eats we try in exotic places. She also rocks some impressive nail art while taking these picturesque shots. It’s hard to stop scrolling through her posts.



Melissa Hie is the star of Girl Eat World, though we never get to see her face. She started her travel blog and Instagram account to keep record of the tasty street treats she eats while on the road in different countries.



In 2009, Melissa moved to Singapore by herself, and after a trip to Thailand in 2010, she knew she was addicted to traveling, and documenting her quaint culinary experiences.

In 2013, when she took a solo trip to Europe, she had the opportunities to explore incredible worlds of flavor, but no one to share it with – so subsequently, she started taking shots of her meals with the gorgeous backdrop of Europe, and hence, Girl Eat World came to fruition.

Don’t know why, but this snack is very satisfying to look at. Pictured in front of lovely sakura blooms in Kyoto, this snack is called Hanami Dango, a rice snack quite important to Japanese culture, and eaten while flower-watching. The pink comes from red bean, and the green from greet tea.



This vibrant and perfect sphere is a shaved ice ball doused in flavored syrup! It looks simple, but is the best snack to cool down with as your walk around the hot streets of Armenia, as Melissa was going here.

This Hello Kitty donut is everything. This shot was taken at the Shibuya crossing in Japan which is a must-see for people watching due to its large outpouring of pedestrians due to how big the intersection is. And to eat this perfectly frosted masterpiece while watching from afar? Ideal.

Finally, some savory snacks up in this joint! This street side food is called Penang Char Koay Teow and consists of a flat rice noodle stir-fried with eggs, prawns, chives, and bean sprouts. If you’re craving some smoky noodle deliciousness, this is your soulmate.



Ahhh, so many pretty blues! The cerulean background truly pops against this photogenic Blue Coconut ice cream, taken at the Blue Lagoon at Malta’s Colimo Island. She describes Malta as paradise, but this ice cream looks equally like paradise. This might take the cake (or ice cream) for favorite pic so far.

This snack looks scrumptious but might not be up everyone’s alley: it’s donkey meat served in a sesame bun, pretty much, but Melissa swears it tastes like beef. The photo was taken on Wangfujing Snack Street in Beijing.

On the other side of town, in Newton, New South Wales, Melissa takes us on a tour of the city with this impeccable Strawberry Watermelon cake with Rose cream from Black Star Pastry. Nom nom nom. This is apparently the most famous dessert in the area, and for good reason: textured pistachio and watermelon mixed with light whipped rose cream? Talk about unusual.



Leaning tower of called Chinese Hawthorne, and is a traditional candied fruit skewer sold in many Chinese markets. It’s a bit soft and sour, complimenting the hard and sweet candy coating. Juicy goodness, give me now.

Taking us all the way to Australia, Melissa is snacking on an Iced VoVo here. It’s an Australian biscuit with pink icing, coconut, and jam and looks like the perfect tea time snack.