Top 8 Extreme Vacations You Can’t Miss This Year

Okay girls, it’s winter. And if you dislike cold snowy weather as much as I do, the best thing you can do is to escape somewhere warmer and sunnier. It’s time to think how and where you should spend your vacation without getting bored. Of course lying on the beach for two weeks may be the best thing for you. But how about adding some extreme to your holidays? If you’re an extreme traveler you’ll find breathtaking adventures without a doubt. But if you don’t want to push your limits and just want to add some action to your vacation you may want to pick one from this list.

1. Cage of Death (Darwing, Australia)

Australia beaches are among the most beautiful and the best on the Earth. Close your eyes and imagine mile-long stretches of silky powder-white or golden sun-kissed sand, palms, breathtaking sunsets, heavenly handsome shirtless surfers, refreshing drinks by the sea… ughhhh Paradise, isn’t it? Now imagine tired kangaroos who can’t resist relaxing on the sand. Lol! But it’s actually possible. And finally, your adventure snap – the Cage of Death! This is a 15-minute underwater dive with giant and deadly crocodiles. Even the real thrillseekers will be wowed by this experience. You can participate in this exciting underwater adventure in Darwing theme park. You’ll be placed and sunk in a see-through clear acrylic cage designed for 1-2 people, that allows a 360-degree view. The Cage of Death operates only 11 times per day, so make sure to buy the tickets ($125 per person) in advance.

2. The world’s highest Bungy jump (Macau, China)
If you like to combine different types of rest you should go to Hong Kong. Everything is possible and accessible here. Choose one of the numerous Lantau island beaches for relaxing and swimming during the daytime and party hard at one of the fancy dance clubs all night long. Don’t forget to visit one of the best Disneylands and one of the biggest Ocean parks on Earth. The real gourmets will be glad to try delicious dishes of Cantonese cuisine. Adrenaline junkies can also find something special for themselves – the world’s highest bungy jump from the AJ Hackett Macau tower (233 meters /764 feet)! It’s open 24/7, 365 days a year! To make your jump from the Macau Tower a reality you need to save some money though, because it’s not a cheap thrill. It costs $386.

3. Flight of the Gibbon (Bangkok, Thailand)
Thailand is probably the most relaxing and friendly place on earth. Thai people like to say: “Mai bpen rai, mai mee bpunhaa!” The first part is translated as “it doesn’t matter”, the second as “no problem.” Together, they actually characterize Thai approach to life: “Don’t worry and take it easy!” So, if you’re in need of some TLC/Relax, you should visit Thailand this winter. Exploring a real Thai rainforest will be a pleasant bonus. Challenging activities such as rope bridges suspended between trees, high ziplines, flying swings, Tarzan jumps and much more are waiting for you. And it will cost you only about $100.

4. Flyboard Dubai (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
One of the most luxurious dream destinations of the recent years is Dubai. You will be surprised how wealthy and exclusive this city is. It’s a perfect destination for shopaholics. The Dubai Mall is the world’s largest shopping mall! You can find and buy anything you want here! While running from one shop to another, like a kid in a candy store, don’t forget to include a thrilling adrenaline rush to your Dubai vacation. You can’t afford to miss the unique flyboarding experience. Fly like a Supergirl, swim like a dolphin and simply have fun! 20 minutes flying will cost you $80.

5. Whale watching (Mirissa, Sri Lanka)
Aren’t whales the most incredible animals in the world? I think they really are! I mean just take a look at their incomparable grace and beauty. And those alien sounds they can produce. They are alien gods who came to our planet thousands years ago. And you can not miss a chance to see them. All you need to do is to pack your bags and book the next flight to Sri Lanka.
The perfect location for whale watching would be Mirissa. There are certain periods of time when you can make whale watching cruise trips. They are scheduled from November to April. This is the time when whales actually migrate.
You can see blue whales (who are the largest creatures on Earth), fin whales, orcas (killer whales), sei whales and of course some dolphins, just a few miles off the coast. The average duration of the cruise is 4-5 hours and it costs $40 for adults and $20 for kids. Not a huge price for such unforgettable memories.

6. Paragliding With Hawks (Pokhara, Nepal)

Nepal is an ideal location for those who try to know and understand themselves better. Silent mountains, meditation centers, sacred temples and maybe spiritual awakening are waiting for you here. On expanding your boundaries you can share the sky and get the ultimate flying experience. I’m talking about parahawking in Pokhara. While witnessing the beauty of Nepal landscapes from above you’ll be experienced at capturing the contact with the bird.
For $295 you can get one day Parahawking VIP Package and be able to enjoy a 30 minute tandem parahawking flight, free lunch, get an exclusive leather parahawking bracelet and a t-shirt, and also the photos and movie of your flight.

7. Swiming in Devil’s Pool (Zambia, Victoria Falls)
Devil’s pool is right on the top of Victoria falls, the largest waterfall on the whole planet and one of seven natural wonders in the world. To swim in this natural infinity pool, you need to get to Livingstone Island at first, then you have two options – a boat tour or 2-hour walking tour to Victoria Falls. Both of them are exhilarating and full of epic views. You choose. When you reach the falls, remember David Livingstone words, who first viewed them in 1855 and explained “but scenes so lovely [as these] must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight.” The whole tour will coast you about $100.
Not many people can say they’ve seen Victoria falls and VERY FEW people can say they’ve experienced swimming in the Devil’s pool. This may be one of the coolest things you can do in your life. I actually put this adventure to my personal list of activities!

8. Sandboarding (Morocco, Sahara Desert)
Are you good at snowboarding? Then this awesome activity is right for you, and it has a lot of benefits comparing to snowboarding. Firstly, you don’t need to wear layers of warm clothes; secondly, sand is soft and warm and, after all, you’ll look hella hot and dangerous sandboarding in shorts and tight t-shirt in your photos.
Erg Chigaga in the Moroccan Sahara will be the best choice to try sandboarding. Some dunes can reach a height of 150 meters. 3-day sandboarding dessert tour will coast you about $400.