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10 Genius Ways to Organize Your Closet


7.Organise shoes
If you have a big house with a spacious walk-in closet or at least a big shoe cupboard the problem is solved. Unfortunately not everyone is so lucky. There are great ideas for do-it-yourself people. For example, you can remake hangers for flip flops or use molding as a shoe rack, make turnable trays or paint and hang crate storage boxes. If it’s difficult for you to make something with your hands you better buy a clothing cluster and place it in the hanging space.
There are still some great tips to organize your shoes even if you are not one of the lucky owners of a big dressing room. Remember yourself irritated and searching for the right pair of shoes among the huge amount of boxes? Simply take photos of your shoes and glue the pictures to the boxes or at least make some notes and group boxes according to the season.