12 Futuristic Multi-Functional Furniture Pieces That Save Space

These furniture pieces look like they belong in a Sci-Fi movie, but these furniture pieces from the future are actually available for purchase. They might be out of some of our price ranges, but since each piece turns into four or five different ones, that makes it more worth it, right? From a desk that turns into a bed and a couch to so many more sleek and modern designs, you’ll be dying to have this in your home.



1. Madame Est Servie Mirror1. Madame Est Servie MirrorIroning your clothes and getting dressed usually go hand in hand, right? So why not simplify the process by having an ironing board that turns into a mirror to inspect your handiwork?



2. Sweet Talk and Dream Sofa/Lounger/ Recliner2. Sweet Talk and Dream Sofa_Lounger_ReclinerThis ultra-chic mod furniture set can transform into a seating unit with a tables, a lounger, and a bed, allowing it to fit your needs. Perfect for relaxing, reading, talking, or writing.

3. Metal Fusion Table by Aramith3. Metal Fusion Table by AramithHaving a pool table can take up a huge amount of space, so why not turn it into an unsuspecting table during the day? Slide open the top for an instant dining room to recreation room transformation.

4. Stonewall Kitchen’s Chair/Ladder4. Stonewall Kitchen's Chair_LadderWe need to stop using chairs as step-ladders. It can be dangerous, but we’re all too lazy to buy a step-ladder. So why not buy a chair that turns into one? The ideas are in such harmony – every household needs this.



5. Ransa Sofa Floats Over Your Library Of Books5. Ransa Sofa Floats Over Your Library Of BooksThe literary Buddha of sofas. It seems to levitate above it’s base, which is a book case with a paper thin base. It has a build that is both solid and light, with a deep seat. A modern addition that doesn’t take up a ton of space, and looks like it’s floating.

6. Cleo – Tetrahedral Shaped Modular Multipurpose Sofa6. Cleo – Tetrahedral Shaped Modular Multipurpose SofaYour house definitely already needs some personality to add this to it – this pyramid has a range of uses, with its 4 modules. It can be a seating arrangement in multiple forms, as well as a desk.

7. BEDUP: The Space-Saving Bed that Falls From the Ceiling7. BEDUP_ The Space-Saving Bed that Falls From the CeilingOur beds take up a fair amount of room in our homes. So what if yours could disappear up into the ceiling whenever you wanted? Forget weird strangers at a party wandering into it and doing the unthinkable – your safe haven is safe and sound in storage mode.



8. Smart Kid: A Multifunctional Bedroom Set That Grows With Your Child8. Smart Kid A Multifunctional Bedroom Set That Grows With Your ChildThis is the most genius idea for a kid’s room ever. It pretty much has a full room of furniture that hides compactly in a tidy little crib and shelf combination. The piece grows with your child – it turns into a full size bed, with a desk and drawer set, and even an easel to nurture their creative side.

9. Convertible Cubicle Kitchenettes9. Convertible Cubicle KitchenettesThis might look like a giant Rubix cube on the outside, but it is actually a full, and very trendy kitchen. A trendier kitchen than a lot of studios have. A must-have for college kids or those living in a cramped space, or one with less than ideal cooking conditions in the already existing kitchen.

10. The Gig Couch by Davide Tonizzo10. The Gig Couch by Davide TonizzoThis chair known as the Gig Couch is a lovely burnt orange, and the perfect addition to a contemporary home. It can be turned into a chair, two ottomans, a full bed, and a chaise.



11. Seat Suitcase11. Seat SuitcaseThis is every travelers dream come true – next time you’re waiting at a packed terminal with no seat, forget about sitting on your hard and uncomfortable suit case – instead, buy one that turns into an actual chair. Every tired traveler will be jealous.

12. Bibliochaise Equipped To Hold Up To 300 Books12. Bibliochaise Equipped To Hold Up To 300 BooksEvery book nut’s dream come true. This doesn’t just have shelves to hold books – the chair is practically made of books itself, making for a glorious architectural aesthetic that is sure to stand out in any room.