12 Small Studio Apartment Design Ideas

With the prices for real estate rising every day most of us can only dream of owning a house. Realistically we’ll all probably just rent forever or if we’re lucky, we might get a small studio apartment. But believe it or not there’s a silver lining in this situation. Owning a small studio apartment means you won’t accumulate a bunch of clutter you don’t need. It also means that your bills won’t be astronomical and you can save a lot on heating during the colder months. And you definitely shouldn’t worry about lacking space. First of all, these days we spend most of our time out and about, most people dine out and work at offices, coworking spaces or cafes and everyone knows that the best entertainment is always happening somewhere downtown. So what you really need is a nice cozy place to sleep and chill, right? Well we’ve got some pretty amazing small studio apartment design ideas for you that will make you want to get a studio ASAP.



1. Elevated bed
One of the biggest concerns for people thinking about getting a studio apartment is where to put the bed. It takes up quite a lot of space and you don’t really want it to be the main focal point of the apartment should you have some guests. One of the best things you can do is elevate it. And create a functional space underneath.



2. Sleeping Unit
As an alternative to elevating the bed, you can create a whole unit around it. Yes, you’re basically making yourself a little cube fort to sleep in and the walls are used for storage. It’s very practical and created the illusion of a whole separate bedroom within your studio.

3. Light Colors
If you’re worried about feeling claustrophobic you can create the illusion of more space by painting the walls white, using light colors for furniture and adding mirrors to visually make the place look larger.



4. Hideaway Table
Having a dining table is important to many people. You don’t always want to eat on the couch and you need a place to have a nice dinner with friends or family. At the same time, you don’t really need it every day and you don’t want to eat up the space. The solution is simple, make the table part of the kitchen design. So it can fit into the kitchen element when you don’t need it, and be pulled out when you need it.

5. Play With Color
If you’re planning to have a two level apartment or an elevated bed you can make your bedroom blend it with the walls while making the room look bigger by painting the sealing and the top part of the walls a rich color like dark green. It’ll visually divide the space.



6. Use Black To Your Advantage
Many people think that dark colors make small rooms appear even smaller, but it’s not always the case. If you use it smartly and add other dark shiny colors and contrasting light ones you can create a lot of dimension and actually make the room appear more spacious.

7. Glass Partitions and Walls
If you want to divide up the apartment into different areas without closing off the space completely consider glass doors and partitions. They are a wonderful way to divide spaces while still giving you a clear view of the apartment and not boxing you in.



8. Get Rid Of The Kitchen
I mean, do millennials even cook? A lot of the time we just order take out or go out for food. Making the kitchen as small as possible, and only keeping the absolute necessities you can free up a bunch of space in a studio apartment.

9. Limit The Furniture
Who said you need three different closets for clothes, bedding, shoes and books. You can get yourself one perfectly designed furniture unit and use it for everything. This way you’ll have much more space to move around if that’s important to you and it’ll limit the amount of stuff you can own, so you won’t accumulate random crap.



10. Use The Ceiling and Walls
We tend to think of floor as the amount of space we have. But a lot of the time we don’t think about all the valuable space we’re not using, like walls and the ceiling. You can hang things from the ceiling and use that for storage or you can line the walls with shelves all the way to the ceiling and just use a little stool to reach them. That way you’ll leaving a lot more floor space for walking and moving around.

11. Use Curtains
If you want to be able to separate the bedroom and hide it away when people are over but have the floor plan be open otherwise – use curtains as dividers. It’s pretty easy, takes up almost no space and as a bonus you get a princess like bedroom and the whole apartment looks cozier thanks to the curtains.



12. Murphy Bed
Murphy beds are a brilliant way to save space. You get to just fold it up easily and suddenly the room is much bigger. It’s a great idea for those who like to host parties so they need the space, but also don’t want to sacrifice their comfort and sleep on the foldout couch all the time.