15 Christmas Tree Decorating Trends To Consider

The closer we get to the holiday season the more people start thinking about what kind of Christmas tree do they want and how to decorate it. If you decorate your tree the same way every year, that’s great, but maybe this is the year you’re looking for some new ideas and trends to spice up your Christmas tree. Think about it, the opportunities are endless. Why not try them all by getting a couple of trees, one for each room, or choosing your favorites and trying a new one every year. And to get you inspiration going we’ve compiled a list of 15 lovely Christmas tree decorating trend – take a look!



1. Ribbons
When it comes to Christmas tree decorations ribbons are very popular this year. Colorful and bold, or classic red and gold look amazing in contrast with the green pines. Rough woven ribbons compliment the tree and give it a bit of a rustic charm if that’s more your style. Basically ribbons are a good idea for sure.



2. Frosty Tips
Christmas trees always look amazing when dusted with snow. I mean, that’s how they’re meant to look! But not all of us are lucky enough to have a white Christmas or live in a place where you can have one in the snowy garden. But you can definitely create that look by decorating your tree with fake snow and icy looking ornaments.



3. Tartan All The Way
If there’s one way you make your Christmas tree look a bit rustic it’s to include some tartan bows and ribbons, and perhaps a couple of tartan wrapped gifts underneath. It’ll give your tree that country style homey look, and who doesn’t love that?



4. Florals
It might sound a bit crazy, but decorating Christmas trees with flowers is becoming a big trend. It’s definitely unusual at this point, but you have to admit it looks interesting and new and exciting. So if you want your tree to be the center of attention – give it a try.



5. Plain and Simple
The truth is, if you get a nice Christmas tree you don’t even need to decorate it. Just leaving it bare and only putting some twinkling lights on it can really be enough. It’s refreshing and can look both very minimalist and chic at the same time.


6. Neon Tree
Alternatively you don’t really need to get a regular green Christmas tree. Many people choose to have fake trees that last forever. Getting neon Christmas tree can be fun, an unusual burst of color in your living room. Or you can just choose neon decorations and ornaments. It’s up to you.



7. Potted Tree
If you don’t like the look of fake Christmas trees, but at the same time worry about killing trees, there’s a great alternative available. You can get a small potted tree and decorate it. You can keep it in your house as long as you want, or plant it outside when you decide it’s too big for your home.



8. White Christmas Tree
If you want a tree that looks truly lush, opting for an all white tree decorations and fake snow might be a great idea. It’ll look like a piece of magical winter wonderland right in your home. You can also add some feathers too, it’s a popular choice this year.


9. Metallic Colors
Metallic color schemes can make your tree look both edgy or insanely glamorous, depending on what kind of decorations and colors you go for. If you want something glam go for gold, maybe rose gold. Silver and dark metals will add a bit of edge.



10. Woodland Tree
Woodland motives are very popular lately and there’s so many ways to achieve that. You can use ornaments made of wood, rustic ribbons, ornaments shaped like squirrels, bunnies, owls, deer and other woodland creatures.


11. Monochrome
If you want your tree to make a statement yet go with everything – go for a monochrome Christmas tree. Black and white trees always look very classy and elegant. And white Christmas lights are a must. Can’t go ruining all this with those tacky colorful ones.



12. Oversized Ornaments
A great alternative to playing with color is playing with size. If you like the color scheme of your tree as it is and you’re not ready to experiment with that or perhaps you just don’t want to buy a whole new set of decorations – you can just buy a few oversized ornaments and add them to your tree. It’s a great way to completely transform your tree without much effort.



13. Ombre Christmas Tree
It’s not just ombre hair or nails that are in trend these days. Ombre Christmas trees are very popular too. And you can have so much fun with this, choosing the color and the shades and deciding what looks best.


14. Geometric Ornaments
Geometric ornaments are a good idea if you want your tree to look modern and chic. Plus, because geometric ornaments are smaller and less flashy you get the chance to get lots and play around with colors and textures. Metallics and wood can actually look amazing together in this case.



15. Whimsical Tree
If you have a quirky style and enjoy all things whimsical, or perhaps you have small children – a whimsical tree is what you need. You can go crazy with colors and choose the weirdest ornaments ever. They don’t even have to match, the freakier the better.