8 Tips For Designing A Perfect Pink Apartment

Which one of you girls imagined having a perfect pink house when you grow up? Chances are, quite a few of you did and we totally get why. Pink is the girliest color of all, and a lot of us grew up having pink rooms, which made us feel like a princess. So it’s really no surprise that we then dreamed of having a whole house that’s pink, like our little pink castle. However, a lot of the time we grow up and give up on that dream. We realize that owning a house is a huge responsibility, and it costs a lot of money, and you know, not everyone can afford a house, especially a pink one. An apartment – that’s more manageable, but even then, few of us dare to make it pink. We worry that it’ll look childish and people will think we’re crazy, as if a grown woman like you should live in a perfect pink apartment. Well we’ve got good news for you! There’s a way to have a perfect pink apartment and make it look stylish too. You just need keep in mind a couple of handy tips.



1. Pick a color scheme
Don’t just go into it thinking “pink”, because you can’t make everything the same color. Instead pick a couple of shades of pink that you love and see what other colors compliment it. For example you could go with muted blush tones for an accent wall, grey as a complementary color and a deeper pink as an accent color.



2. Spruce up your walls
If you’re really set on the idea of having pink walls we suggest you either do them in very light muted shades or just pick one accent wall and make it pink. It’s best if you don’t leave it empty though. Depending on the room – put some frames up on the walls, or place a bed against a wall, etc. The point is to make it pink, but also integrate it into the apartment, so it doesn’t stand out like a big pink blotch.

3. Add some texture
It’s only walls that you can make pink, you know that, right? You can add some texture by having pink tiles or counters. The amount of choice you have here is ridiculous. Who knew pink marble was an option?

4. Furniture choices
A lot of people play it safe when it comes to furniture. They pick something that is sturdy and won’t show stains. But we say – go ahead and get a pink couch if you want. It can be your accent piece for the living room. Why not? You’re a responsible adult that knows better than to spill things on your couch. If you’re not feeling quite that brave – get a pink armchair. You don’t have to go all out if you don’t want to. It’ll still provide a pop of color and will look great if you pick a couch of a neutral color.



5. Cozy up your bedroom
The bedroom is the easiest room to customize. Even if your walls are white or grey, you can easily make the room look pink by getting some pink bedding. In fact, we suggest you get a couple of bedding sets in various shades of pink, some neutral ones and perhaps add some patterns too. This way you’ll be able to mix and match your bedding depending on your mood or what color you want to go for.

6. Deck out your kitchen
A great way to add something special to your kitchen is to add a touch of copper. Get some copper pots, perhaps a copper sink or stovetop. You can even add such small details like copper measuring cups, or go all out with copper light fixtures. Either way it will look great and compliment whatever pink you might already have there.

7. Bathroom hacks
The way we see it – you have two options when it comes to your bathroom. Either go all out and make it pink as you can imagine, or keep it neutral and add a splash of color with towels and bathroom accessories. You can always get a pink shower curtain or a rose gold soap dispenser, you know?

8. Don’t underestimate your doors
Most of the time people get boring white or wooden doors. There’s nothing much to them. But we think they’re missing out on a great opportunity here. I mean, a door is the first thing people see when they enter your apartment or any room of your apartment. Make it a statement. Make your front door pink. Or if you wanna play it safe, make one of the doors in your apartment pink, like your bedroom door or the door to your bathroom.