9 Tips to Dress Up Your Thanksgiving Table 

Thanksgiving is near, and we’re all scrambling to amazing hosts that awe guests with our chic table spreads and mouthwatering foods. But you don’t want to come up with the cliché and contrived Thanksgiving decorations, so we came up with some stylish, easy and original ways to spruce up your table and have people Instagramming your handiwork all day long.



1. Leaf-Stenciled Charger Plates
This might sound like an after school arts and crafts project, but the end product looks unexpectedly sophisticated. It’s a great way to update old dishes and it adds a shimmery, seasonal finish to plates so you can keep it simple with muted color schemes.



2. Squash-and-Pumpkin Fall Arrangement
The beauty in this one-of-a-kind arrangement is its lack of perfection. Squashes and pumpkin are surprisingly picturesque in their lumpy, bumpy shapes. Pair it with vivid floral bouquets for an unforgettable look.

3. Individual Soup/Gravy Tureens
Bowls of soup are so last year. If you’re serving up a stew, gravy sides, or soup, opt for individual tureens instead. It will make guests feel like they’re at a 5 star restaurant, and you won’t even have to decorate your table. Just updating the dishes adds zest to the table! Try out copper or russet for a warm autumn hue.

4. Spray Painted Pumpkins
If you go with mini pumpkins and spray paint them metallic gold, your table will look like an automatic Martha Stewart work of art. It’s a cheap, fast way to add class and an expensive looking touch to your table.



5. Vintage Dishes
Vintage doesn’t have to be old and shabby, but it can be shabby chic. Try a textured throw-back table cloth and pair with antique napkin rings and vintage inspired doilies for an automatic atmospheric boost.

6. Rustic Theme
This is sort of similar to the vintage theme, but it has more of a woodsy, natural inspiration with mixed textures. Try a neutral, bare-thread tablecloth paired with a display of naked mini cakes and handpicked wildflowers instead. Twig or branch accents and succulents, also provide a warm but contemporary touch.

7. Wishbone Napkin Charms
Having a napkin ring crisis? The cutest way to add charm to your Thanksgiving table is by giving everyone a chance to make a small wish. These wishbone charms are festive, easy-peasy, and can be pulled together with a simple colored string.



8. Dark, Rich Colors
This is far from gothic. Mixing deep, rich hues with a dark table base (use a dark tablecloth if you table is light colored) You can pair with purple cabbage rosettes for a romantic, warm look brought together for the perfect centerpiece.

9. Metallic-Painted Tiered Stands
Stands filled with bountiful fruits and pies are this year’s new harvest centerpiece – and it’s practical to boot. Guests will be enticed by piles of juicy fruits and steaming baked goods. Stacking also allows for more table space. And it’s aesthetically pleasing.