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Bright colors in kitchen design

8. Enduring Designs Bright colors in kitchen design

9.Coordinating/Matching Colors
White – combines the best with blue, red and black
Beige – Fits blue, brown and white
Gray – boring color that nevertheless, is the perfect base. It goes well with dark pink, red, purple and bright blue
Pink – this color suits brown, white, olive, gray, turquoise
Red – blends perfectly with the yellow, white, green, blue, gray and black
Brown – with bright blue, cream, pink, green, beige
Orange – with purple, blue, dark blue, violet
Yellow – blue, dark blue, purple, black, gray
Green – comes with a golden brown, yellow, black, light beige
Blue – with white, red, gray, yellow, orange, pink,
Dark blue – suits the purple, red , green, orange, yellow
Black – universal elegant color. Looks good with all the colors. Best combines with orange, pink, green, white, red and yellow.