How to Organize Your Entire Bathroom for Under $100

Everyone dreams of having a luxurious master bathroom – but not all of us are there yet, budget wise. Secret’s out: you don’t need to be rich to have an organized, beautiful bathroom. Here’s cheap bathroom makeover ideas that will let you renovate for under $100.



Hooks For Insides Of Cabinets
You have an empty shelf/wall waiting on the inside of every cabinet door. That’s a full wall of space you’re wasting! Make yourself a hidden vanity with holsters for makeup, toiletries, and hair dryers. Goodbye makeup messes on the counter.



Rolling Cart
A thin rolling cart is portable, easy to move and creates an extra shelving unit. Some even come with storage baskets included, so not only can you store and organize, but you can take the opportunity to display some plants or art like a true tastemaker.

Vertical Shower Caddy
Sticking these in the corners of your showers takes up space and makes us feel claustrophobic – a vertical option will declutter it if you have shelves hanging from the shower-head with multiple baskets that leave room for anything from a loofah, to conditioner and razors.



Over The Toilet Shelving Unit
If you don’t have a ton of cabinets, this is a lifesaver, and it can also make a bathroom look more expensive and tidy. Some even have heated towel racks and toilet roll holders included! This item is removable and easy to install, making it a renter’s paradise.

Buy A Lazy Susan
If you’re not really into hooks or caddies, a Lazy Susan is a great addition to a closet. You can rotate it whenever you need something specific as opposed to knocking over every shampoo and makeup bottle in the process.



Repurpose Wicker Boxes
This equals an immediate shelving unit that looks cute. You can float them above the toilet in lieu of a shelving unit, and use it for storage of extra paper towel or toilet paper rolls for a space-efficient and creative option.

Floating Mason Jars
If wicker boxes aren’t really your thing, go the hipster/shabby chic route instead and float mason jars, placed against a wooden slab as a backing. Store everything from q-tips to cotton balls in a stylish manner. Your bathroom will look like a fancy spa, and these small storage units will get all the compliments.

Invest In Drawer Dividers
Goodbye foundation powder on everything and nightmare drawer of makeup brushes! This way, you can organize brushes by size, and divide you and bae’s grooming items so he stops getting mad. This will be a serious savior for your makeup or skincare situation.



Over The Door Shoe Divider
If you can’t afford the drawer space, this is a great alternative. No, you’re not hanging your heels on the inside of your bathroom, silly! While we would love to admire our stilettos all day, these pockets can hold infinite bottles of lotion, makeup items, spa sandals, and hairbrushes.

Vertical Cabinet Space
You might think this is just for kitchens, but shelf risers come in handy when it comes to the cabinet under the bathroom sink and organization. They’re adjustable so you can fit a range of products, and can also integrate in the cabinet above your sink!