Infinity Pools Around the World

When the summer heat is at a point that you are desperately dreaming of diving into pool, lost from the view of others. The pool of course has splendid surroundings; you have arrived at an Infinity Pool! These dreamy “zero-edge” pools can offer you such an opportunity. You just have to save a little harder ’cause these touristic gems can only be discovered in the most luxurious resorts of the world. It doesn’t matter that you’ll end up in a 3* hotel in the middle of nowhere, no one will judge you for at least trying, but that’s another story. Real traveling junkies can’t afford to miss the most dramatic and spectacular views infinity pools can offer. If you are really ready for once-in-a-lifetime swimming experience checkout these outstanding infinity pools.
Infinity Pools Around the World

Alila Ubud and Ubud Hanging Gardens, Bali 1

Alila Ubud and Ubud Hanging Gardens, Bali 2

Alila Ubud and Ubud Hanging Gardens, Bali 3Alila Ubud and Ubud Hanging Gardens, Bali
Bali’s mind-blowing nature adds a jungle touch to the split-level infinity pool. Is seems like the pool is floating in a rainforest’s wild setting which gives the swimmers this unique and hypnotic feeling of literally swimming above the virgin treetops and the vale. Each of the 44 private villas of this mesmerizing 5* boutique resort has its own impressive granite infinity pool, reflecting an otherworldly nature of Bali.



The Cambrian Hotel, Switzerland 1

The Cambrian Hotel, Switzerland 2

The Cambrian Hotel, Switzerland 3The Cambrian Hotel, Switzerland
While most infinity pools are set against sky blue ocean waters or tropical valleys, the heated outdoor pool at the Cambrian Hotel in Switzerland offers a panoramic view of the Swiss Alps, which are equally inspiring whether you travel in summer or in the snowy winter season. Known as an ultimate relaxation spot, the heated outdoor infinity pool looks completely enchanting. No wonder people are feeling rejuvenated after spending a few hours floating in the sunlit waters and admiring the views of the snow-capped Alps through the lens of the infinity pool.



Hotel Caruso, Italy 1

Hotel Caruso, Italy 2Hotel Caruso, Italy
Not only tropical or exotic destinations are perfect for infinity pools. Italy’s Caruso Hotel is set on a top of a cliff above the Amalfi Coast. Nestled on the highest point of Ravello, the hotel’s infinity pool is fringed by roses. The infinity edge of the pool unites with the Mediterranean Sea beneath, so that it’s almost impossible to define where the sea, the sky and the pool meet. I’ll bet, you’ll never get bored of this view!



Huvafen Fushi, Maldives 1

Huvafen Fushi, Maldives 2

Huvafen Fushi, Maldives 3Huvafen Fushi, Maldives
Huvafen Fushi is the best place in the Maldives for girls who just wanna have fun. Not only is it the most magical dream spot but its infinity pool will make you hide under your desk and shed bitter tears until someone promises to take you there. Just imagine yourself diving in the vast infinity pool lit up with twinkling stars. You hold a glass of champagne in hand while detoxing in the world’s first underwater spa featuring a spectacular coral garden that completes the feeling of harmony. This is more than ideal. It’s as if you’ve been transported to a magical wonderland and you won’t want to come back.



Hotel Villa Honegg, Switzerland 1

Hotel Villa Honegg, Switzerland 2

luchshie zimnie basseynyi winterpoolsHotel Villa Honegg, Switzerland
This stunning villa in Switzerland won’t let your spirits down. In fact it will just soar! You’ll enjoy every moment spent here, surrounded by majestic snowy mountains. An outdoor infinity pool offers heart-stopping panoramic views of the valley below all year round.



Marina Bay Sands Resort, Singapore 1

Marina Bay Sands Resort, Singapore 2

Marina Bay Sands Resort, Singapore 3

Marina Bay Sands Resort, Singapore 4Marina Bay Sands Resort, Singapore
Do you feel like floating on the top of the world? You can nail this wish taking a dip in the Marina Bay Sands Sky Park infinity pool that is located 57 stories above terra firma on top of one of the most expensive hotels in Singapore (it’s available for guests only). Not only is it considered the world’s largest pool at this height, but also is known for its exceptional panoramic view of the city skyline.
This curved swimming pool sits on a platform that covers 3 towers of the 2,561-room 5* hotel. Not everyone dares to swim to the fading infinity edge of the pool’s horizon, but if you dare you’ll surely experience the spine-tingling vibe of swimming among skyscrapers. Are you ready for this?



Alila Villas, Bali 1

Alila Villas, Bali 2

Alila Villas, Bali 3Alila Villas, Bali
Alila Villas 164-foot infinity pool on the southern coast of Bali is a dream place for cocktails and sunsets. The pool overlooks the Indian Ocean which makes it even more hard to forget this breathtaking view. Moreover Alila Villas Uluwatu is the first resort in Bali to reach the highest level of Environmentally Sustainable Design certification.



Katikies hotel Oia, Santorini 1

Katikies hotel Oia, Santorini 2

Katikies hotel Oia, Santorini 3Katikies hotel Oia, Santorini
Two picture-perfect infinity pools at the hotel create an almost iconic image. Santorini seems almost impossibly beautiful as you peak over the edge of the cliff and face incredible volcano views. Guests can enjoy relaxation-inducing facilities including a private sun deck with an open-air jacuzzi. Add a pool bar and restaurant to this perfect image and you may never leave this outstanding place.



Blue Palace Resort & Spa, Greece 1

Blue Palace Resort & Spa, Greece 2

Blue Palace Resort & Spa, Greece 3Blue Palace Resort & Spa, Greece
One of the most serene private beaches on Crete hides the Blue Palace Resort and Spa. Many of the 251 rooms and villas feature private infinity pools with views of the Aegean Sea. During spring and autumn months the water in the pools is heated to 79-82 degrees. What can be better than enjoying a drink in total relaxation while floating in the luxury infinity pool and admiring emblematic views of Spinalonga Island?



Jade Mountain Resort, St. Lucia 1

Jade Mountain Resort, St. Lucia 2If you think of going to Jade Mountain Resort in St. Lucia, rest assured that infinity pools are more than just a bonus feature here. The pools are individually designed and decorated with colored glass tiles which illuminate at night. The pool’s fading edges unite the water with the sky and sea and emphasize a spectacular surrounding panorama in the most magical way. It’s the ultimate honeymooner’s hideaway with one wall completely open to such a magnetizing view and most boasting a private infinity pool to appreciate it from. Furthermore, the resort seems even more attractive when you learn that it is “tech-free”. No other people from the real world of WiFi and iPhones will be able to interfere with your vacation.



Sheraton Waikiki, Hawaii 1

Sheraton Waikiki, Hawaii 2Sheraton Waikiki, Hawaii
If being nestled in Hawaii wasn’t enough for this place, the longest oceanfront infinity pool in North America makes it even more spectacular. So let your troubles go away at this tropical haven as you admire incomparable views of Waikiki Beach from a few feet above sea level. Partially immersed lounge chairs allow you to stay refreshed while you sunbathe and nothing else matters.



The Sarojin, Thailand 1

The Sarojin, Thailand 2The Sarojin, Thailand
Not only does this luxurious pool have an infinity edge and jacuzzi lounge zone but also 3 drape-shaded pool island pavilions. This tranquil swimming pool looks a world away from your crazy morning ride in the traffic jams, doesn’t it?