String Lights DIY Decorating Ideas

String Lights DIY Decorating Ideas 1Do you love spending time at home? There are plenty of DIYs on how to make it a cozy place. Let’s agree, that room decorations are pretty expensive these days, and those that are cheap don’t look good enough. So, we have some great ideas for you to try utilizing string lighting. If you want to decorate your room in style but on a budget, follow these simple but genius ideas. And who said string lights are only for Christmas?

String Lights DIY Decorating Ideas 2String lights are not only a beautiful decoration, they are also an extra source of light, which makes your place much cozier and brighter. If it is not Christmas yet, it is better to choose the lights in light colors or just white ones (multiple colors is certainly a great option if you want to decorate a child’s room – no limits here).

String Lights DIY Decorating Ideas 3Bedroom. Bedroom design should be calming, subtle but also, not boring. Learn how to incorporate string lights in your bedroom creating a soothing atmosphere. Wrap the lights over all the support columns of your bed. For more of a romantic glow, use sheer curtain panels and place the lights behind the curtains. This will scatter and mute the light a bit creating a magical ambiance. Now you will want to stay in bed all day!

String Lights DIY Decorating Ideas 4One more way to make your bedroom appear a romantic place. As you probably noticed, there’s a new madness around trendy wooden pallets that can be incorporated in a room design. If you use one as a bed frame, there’s a chance to make your bedroom look even more unique and stylish. Make your bed glow putting lights underneath the pallets. Make sure the lights you use don’t generate too much heat.

String Lights DIY Decorating Ideas 5Shake up your living room. Put a light rope around a mirror. The more unusual shape your mirror is, the better! The lights will create a special 3d lighting effect and double the lights.

String Lights DIY Decorating Ideas 6Create a magic atmosphere in your dining room. Throwing a party tonight? Add a magic ambient light putting the string lights on the table. Your guests will surely pay attention to your unusual decoration. Add some candles and make the evening just unforgettable.

String Lights DIY Decorating Ideas 7Get an antique vintage ladder out of your garage and place it against the wall, then install string lights. The ladder doesn’t actually have to be decorative, you can use any type. The lights will do all the work.

String Lights DIY Decorating Ideas 8Your work space. This place should also create a special mood and inspire. Use Christmas lights to create inspiring words or phrases above your worktable. Use hooks or push pins to make a word that helps you to be creative and lifts your mood. It could be anything!

String Lights DIY Decorating Ideas 9Create a truly unique looking room decoration using ping pong balls and string lights! Buy a bunch of ping pong balls, hot glue, glue gun and string of white lights. Using a drill, make holes in balls, now put them on the bulb lights. If the holes are too loose and the balls can be easily knocked off, put a small amount of glue on the place where the base of the light bulb contacts the ball. Wait until the glue dries and hardens, now hang up your light string anywhere in the house. How lovely!

String Lights DIY Decorating Ideas 10Outdoors. Yeah, we all like to decorate our houses with lightning. Why not to wrap the trees outside with light ropes? Your yard can look like a place from a fairy tale. Just consider the safety and use special LED light for outdoors. LED lights are also produce less heat and use less energy.