10 Creative DIY Mother’s Day Gifts That Don’t Suck

It can sometimes feel impersonal and boring to get a Mother’s Day gift like flowers, perfumes, or chocolate – you feel like every other person is doing that, but that your mom deserves something special. Something made specifically for her, with love and care. And the only person who can really do that well is you. Try these beautifully creative and unconventional Mother’s Day gifts idea where the final product will make her just as gleeful as the fact that you put so much effort into it.



Food is always better than flowers, right? So why not give your mom the winning combination that she deserves? Yup, a bouquet of cupcakes. With green tissue simulating leaves, we think this bouquet is one fit for a queen. And also the icing is described as tasting like “melted vanilla ice cream”, so we’re totally going to steal one.

This is a perfect start to a relaxed morning in – fill a pair of luxuriously fluffy slippers with her favorite snacks and trinkets. She’s sure to love it – after being on her feet all week, and once you woo her with chocolate and nail polish, you’ve definitely won favorite child rights.

A spa day is always a welcome reprieve from the daily stress of being a mother, and this cheap alternative to expensive body scrubs literally only involves pouring and stirring. The lovely pink hue from the Himalayan salt and the rose oil make a concoction that is filled with antioxidants and moisturizers, as well as being antibacterial.

Cookie butter is in all of our fantasy’s, so why should mom be any different? You can make a variety of different cookie butters that your mom can spread on toast or whatever she pleases as an alternative to peanut butter and Nutella. Who knew cookies in a blender could be such magic?

For the mother who is a fan of plants, this is a low-maintenance gift that will brighten up any room. The chalky painted mason jars create an extra special look – and pastels look dreamy – especially that pink. With personalized tags, mom is sure to thank you.

These one-of-a-kind coasters are a gift from nature – with a delicate flower print on wood, these botanical slices are unbelievably elegant and are sure to replace any of her old coasters. You’ll probably make a bunch for you and your friends too since they’re so unique and pretty.

This is a truly unique gift – and it’s probably on your mom’s shopping list! Homemade vanilla extract is so much cuter in this bottle, and will taste better than the real thing! Take this to the next level and use the extract to make her pancakes for breakfast.

This is similar to the body scrub, but face masks are expensive, and a homemade chocolate alternative is equally delicious – especially if it’s followed up with an actual chocolate…treat her! It’s Mother’s Day!

This might seem difficult, but it’s way easier than it looks. And who thinks about giving a DIY laptop sleeve as a gift? You, you little sneak! And she’ll absolutely love it. The leather trim gives it a sophisticated touch, and the final look is very chic.

The clothing in her drawers and room will smell like heaven – lavender is a very relaxing scent, and these adorable sachets are the best way to experience it in all its glory. The triangle is actually easy to complete and if you choose the right fabric and essential oil, you can really rally create a memorable gift.