28 reasons why dating a Capricorn is the best risk you will ever take

28 reasons why dating a Capricorn is the best risk you will ever takeCapricorns can be a little closed off sometimes. We take a while to warm up to people. But once we do, we’ll give you all of our hearts, and you won’t regret choosing us. We’ll push you to be the best version of yourself, and you can trust that we’ll never feed off your money. We’re independent ladies and can provide our own success – we just want for you to be as fulfilled. We bring out the best in you, though we can be a little intense at times. But in being with us, you’ll be challenged, and you’ll discover new parts of yourself that you didn’t know existed.



1. We’re very determined. In work, and relationships; if we haven’t gotten you already, we soon will.


2. We are practical. Our heads aren’t in the clouds and we don’t have unrealistic expectations of things.


3. In this same line, we don’t play mind games with anyone. We’re drama free and we like it like that.


4. We’re also good at seeing the fairness in a situation

5. For both of these reasons, we’re often the friend to give advice or the mediator in neutralizing drama.


6. We are highly ambitious. We have a burning desire to succeed. This can lead to us being kind of hard on you sometimes. But we’re just as hard on ourselves, so it’s fair. You’ll thank us in the long run.


7. Which also means that since we push ourselves, we will push you. Doesn’t everyone want a personal cheerleader?


8. We’re super resourceful. We are good at giving tough work advice and having a fresh perspective on a situation. Also, we’d be pretty helpful if the two of us were ever stuck on an island…


9. We’re loyal, but we’re not boring, which is a winning combination.


10. We will never cheat on you, so you don’t have to worry about getting jealous.


11. We are reliable. We’ll help you out when you’re in times of need, but also expect the same in return.


12. We will rarely not show up. We’re good at being there for people, and being a solid support system.
13. Sometimes we like to be alone, which means that we’ll never be too clingy with you. We know how to give you your space and how to give us our own without being too distant or cold about it.


14. We like to think ahead, which makes us more grounded, and less overwhelmed or surprised by things – an important quality to have in a partner.


15. We’ll make you laugh so hard you’ll pee.


16. We’re entertaining without sass, without being bitchy.


17. We can handle rough terrain. This means that if you’re going through struggles with families or friends, we will stick in there through thick and thin.


18. Even if you go broke, or are too obsessive with your work, we know that you love us, and can wait out the difficult time.


19. We might have a hard shell sometimes, but we’re gentle softies on the inside.


20. So even if we might come off as cold to some people, you can count on us always treating you like a prince.


21. We have been called pessimistic at times, but that just means that we’re realistic. We’ll never have any unrealistic fairytale expectations of things.


22. We know how to keep calm. You don’t have to worry about any public meltdowns here. This isn’t to say that we won’t hold our own in a fight – we just know how to stay ladies in the street.


23. We’re picky. In a good way – it means we don’t settle for just anything, so you must be special. We don’t just turn any fling into a boyfriend, we wait until we find that diamond in the rough.


24. You can find stability in us. Emotional ups and downs can be confusing and exhausting, so someone that’s more logical than erratic can feel like a blessing.


25. We are patient. We’ll accept your flaws and help you work through them.


26. In turn, this makes us awesome listeners, or this reason, and getting in fights (like all couples do) is a less scary thing.


27. We’re proactive. We’ll never string you along, but we also won’t let you sit on your ass and do nothing. We’re driven and we expect the same of you. Being a make it happen person makes it hard for you to feel sorry for yourself and liken chances for depression.


28. No high maintenance ladies here. Girls can sometimes be frivolous and focus on material needs, but we know how to keep it real.