5 Excuses That Will Destroy Your Dreams


5 Excuses That Will Destroy Your Dreams‘No regrets, no excuses.’ Try to count how many times you’ve heard this phrase or even said it over and over again to yourself. How many times did you say the words ‘I’d love to pursue my dreams, but…but…but.’ You recite thousands of ‘buts’ daily, agree? Eventually each one of us even starts to talk this way: ‘It’s all about circumstances’, ‘I need these hard times to stop’, ‘Next Monday I…’, ‘Tomorrow for sure…’ etc. Every single time you want to get something that seems unreachable, you try to find the reason you still haven’t attained it. Why do we always tend to find the excuses instead of the way to achieve our dreams? It’s a dead-ender. Those who alter the truth reading this, please keep calm! We all do this. Sooner or later, frequent or often. We all build the borders around our dreams and wishes. We all let excuses steal our dreams. There are a lot of emotions and feelings that our mind give us by the so called ‘knee- jerk reaction.’ It depends. It’s entirely comfortable to stay at the cut and dry zone. It feels so good to start every morning with a favorite cup of the same sort of coffee. It’s a tradition to have the same lifestyle with the air-conditioned office. Even if it seems that things are going wrong at that precise moment, the thought of change scares us. Some people give up and continue. But the ‘Her Beauty’ staff isn’t on the road less traveled. Today is the best time to start and stop making excuses. Not tomorrow or the time you will finally feel motivated. Believe me, I know it’s hard to admit that you’re only lying to yourself. To YOURSELF. ‘To thy own self be true’!

Consider yourself lucky right now and get rid of these top 5 silly excuses.



1. Success will come overnight - no likely1. Success will come overnight? – no likely

The number one lie that blocks your success may be your thinking you can achieve it overnight. The communication, creativity, passion, extensive knowledge, ideas – that’s the list that determines your life position and success. Your resolutions and self-confidence may skyrocket you to the highest points of your dreams. ‘Tomorrow will never come.’ The minute you’re living this exact moment can change the whole life. All you need is just to do it. Today we a have a broad range of opportunities and can do things faster than our forefathers, thanks to our electronic tools and gadgets. To build a dream we need to believe and do our best day by day but it won’t happen over night. There are a lot of lucky ones who have the magic stories of their overnight success. But even if it’s true, remember they are extreme exceptions. Live your dreams right now but pace yourself in achieving your long term goals.!



2. Blaming others for your failures2. Blaming others for your failures

‘My BF takes so much time.’ ‘My mom always asks me to do so many tasks’ ‘My boss doesn’t give me a chance to think about something except my job duties.’ All the surrounding persons are always the main excuses for us. Nothing can be easier than to blame them for all our failures and the lack of time and inspiration. Have you ever thought about this way you credit them for your achievements?! Stop this blame game right now. You won’t ever change the way of thinking that someone measures the responsibility borders of your life. Take a deep breath and think about the ways you contribute daily to your fails and unhappiness. I’m pretty sure you are just like me who blatantly ignore the mistakes and the way of thinking. Believe me, honey, it’s not about your boss, your mom, and even your ex, it’s all about you. No one will take a new step in a right direction better than you. Life likes to throw us the lessons until we learn them. Get a fresh start and stop the blame game!


3. Letting others decide your next move.3. Letting others decide your next move.

This habit will never help you. It just can hurt and steal the happiness from your achievements. NOBODY knows you better than you. NOBODY could ever see the real value of your efforts. Nobody, but you knows how hard is to wake up at 5 AM to go jogging before the working day. Nobody knows how sad and dumpish were those Saturday evenings home alone learning Italian (Chinese, French, etc.). You should always remember that this is your life, and you should live it the way you dream before going to sleep. There are no boundaries. Forget the stereotypes and the dream pictures of a successful life, which are drawn by others. Your life is an empty canvas. YOU DECIDE what should be drawn on it. You judge what should be changed and when.


4. Get fussy, always stay calm!4. Get fussy, always stay calm!

Yep, I know how much you like when things go right in your life. I even have a venture to suggest that you’re kind of an absolute perfectionist just like me. You keep your socks tidy rolled to each other. Colors sort your clothes in the wardrobe. So, when something goes wrong or just not according to your plan, it gives you the nervous shivers. Nothing can be predicted, honey. That’s why life is such a damn rewarding thing. We never know which ‘dish’ it serves for us today and how ‘tasty’ it will be. To know the truth we need to try. The constant staying in your comfort zone deprives you the taste of living and makes your existence boring. We need to enjoy every single chance and circumstance even when it seems to us wrong and unfortunate. That’s why you should always give a smile to the most wayward situation. Remember that it can be your gifted chance to change something and finally get what you need. By the way, nothing is worse than a gorgeous but stressed and fussy girl.


5. I’m planning on thinking about possibly doing it sometime… maybe.5. I’m planning on thinking about possibly doing it sometime… maybe.

The best day to start something is today. The best time to change something is today. You’ll never reach your high standards and goals by putting it away for later. To live means to do what you want right now because tomorrow can be too late. There are some opportunities our destiny offers us once in a life time. That’s why people say ‘He is lucky because he was at the right time in the right place.’ You can’t even imagine how many chances and unbelievable opportunities you’ve already missed because of you ‘buts’, ‘not today’, ‘it’s not the best time for it’. Do you think your dream and reality can meet if you are always so busy to help them? Are you ready for the lower standards of living just because once you missed the moment? I’m pretty sure you’re not. If reading this, you’re sitting next to the cookie jar, sipping your cappuccino, holding your laptop on your knees…please stop it. First get off your backside and take the first step. I know that three months ago you decided to go to the gym because you have the ‘office summer’. Have you done anything for it? Have you called your trainer? What? It’s the lack of money, the lack of time, and the depression after the regular break-up, etc. Please send it to the blacklist of your life. The earlier you start, the earlier you’ll get the result. The new day has already come. The new people will send you the Viber messages. Everything changes and you should too!