7 Types Of Smiles And What They Mean

Smiling is great, right? We do it so often that we don’t actually notice there are different types of smiles. Some smiles are bright and open, but others can be sad and insincere. We even sometimes smile to hide that we are hurt and unhappy! So in order to know people better and be able to tell when a person is actually smiling and not faking it we should pay more attention to the types of smiles everyone uses. Here are 7 types of smiles and what they mean.



Smirk smile
Smirk smile has nothing to do with having fun or feeling happy. People who like to smirk are usually selfish and self-centred and think they know more about life and understand it better. It’s not a genuine smile and you should avoid it if you don’t want to come off as arrogant or egotistical.



Open-mouth smile
This is the most honest and straight-forward smile. It hides nothing and reveals everything! A person smiling like this is genuinely having fun and is not afraid to show it. Everyone should smile more like this!


Fake smile
This type of smile is unpleasant to look at and usually people notice that it’s fake immediately. People use fake smiles when they want to hide their true feelings. Such smiles look polite and polished, but they never go from the heart.


Genuine smile
People who smile genuinely just make you want to immediately smile back. It’s impossible to resist such smiles! This smile tells you that the person is happy with whatever is going on whether it’s a conversation, a movie, or a really nice music performance. It’s sincere and seems to light up the room. It’s not every day you see people smiling like that!


Closed-lip smile
Closed-lip smile is the most common smile you can see everywhere. It’s polite and doesn’t really reveal anything about the person’s true feelings. You’ve probably seen it numerous times on the red carpet when celebs need to present themselves without seeming nervous, sad, or irritated. All they need to do is press their lips together and make a smile, hiding whatever is going on in their minds at the moment.


Mysterious smile
Women like to smile mysteriously when they, well, want to seem enigmatic. Mysterious smiles are hard to decipher and often leave men guessing what they mean. And that’s exactly why women use them!


Confident smile
Women smile like this when they have high self-esteem and know that they look good. This type of smile is born not out of other people’s opinions about you, but from your own deep understanding that you are a wonderful and gorgeous human being. You smile like this when you’re proud of yourself!