How To Turn Your Selfie Into A Successful Startup

Social media has slowly become a place that’s not just here for us to interact and share stuff. Lately, it’s become a place for promoting yourself, your brand and your products. We see it more and more every day. It’s not just bloggers and Youtube beauty gurus who choose to promote their business on social media. Big companies and brands are using social media for this too. And how are they doing it? Well, let’s explore.



We all know that no matter how cool your slogan or hashtag is, faces sell better. So if you want to have a career on social media, be prepared to get your face out there. Let’s start with the most obvious example – Instagram. There’s so many popular Instagrammers these days. These people or brands have millions of followers and thousands if not millions of likes. Why? Well, in simple terms, they know how to take a good selfie. They know how to take a picture that will look good and at the same time that picture will be marketable. So if you manage to get a lot of followers, you can potentially turn your selfies into a business.

Of course, Instagram doesn’t pay you for being super popular, but there’s ways to earn money on Instagram. One of the most popular ways to earn money is to have sponsored posts. A lot of companies are willing to pay people to promote their products, so it’s always useful to list your business email in your profile. Sometimes companies and brands will reach out to you, and offer to send you stuff for free, and in exchange you’ll have to promote their stuff on Instagram by posting pictures and writing nice descriptions. Sometimes they will offer to pay you money in exchange for promotional photos.

Another good way to earn money is to use social media to promote your own products. Maybe you wrote an eBook, or perhaps you make jewelry or some other goods. Perhaps you started your own company, you can promote it on social media and get people interested in buying your stuff.



In most cases, the way to success starts with getting a social media presence and a decent following. You can get there by starting a blog or being super active on Instagram, Twitter or Youtube. After that you can try to reach out to companies and work with them. And from there you decide what you want to do. If you like modeling clothes, you can work with brands and do photo shoots, promoting their collections, maybe you’ll get a modeling contract ,or, who knows, you might start your own line of products. Just think about it, all that could start with just a selfie.