Meet The Yogi Curing Anxiety & PTSD Through Jaw-Dropping Yoga Moves

Yoga is a meditative practice that helps people become at peace with themselves. Some use it as a way to get their heart rate up a little, while others use it for a slightly deeper purposes. The restorative abilities of yoga can help cure mental diseases and more.



For Heidi Williams, yoga is a way of life and coping with her PTSD and other issues. Yoga is known to help you restore well-being, and it certainly did that for Heidi. She survived rape, lost as well as suffering from depression and anxiety, and yoga helped her out of an extremely dark place.

She started practicing it as a way to find a “safe place”. Yoga is not just an activity, but a philosophy that encourages self-acceptance and introspection. Fortunately, it helped Heidi accept herself again and find her inner peace.

While she’s finding that inner peace, she is blessing us with some stunningly magnificent shots of her doing impossible yoga poses in beautiful settings. In them, she documents her pregnancy, her child, and her impressive yogi skills.

Heidi captions her poses with inspirational posts that will make you think, and stop self doubt in its tracks. Through her amazing poses and words, she shows us what we are capable in within ourselves, and the strength that all of us carry.

We’re so glad Heidi found her tranquility, and uses her art and body to promote that others find theirs as well. Recovering from her dark past was the start of a career and life dedicated to showing others how they too can self-heal.

She now runs therapeutic retreats and classes for those battling the same demons as she did, and also runs online support groups for those who might be a bit more timid.

There might be some annoying pseduo-yogis on IG promoting their Lululemon’s and their cleavage, but we promise you that Heidi’s beauty and awe-inspiring nature is authentic, and not some fake lifestyle she is trying to market. Something we wish IG was used more for.

Her messages aren’t corny messages about the sunset, or Marilyn Monroe quotes. They’re words that feel hard to write – the best kind to have a strong impact on people. They are deeply honest, raw, and sometimes even through their sadness, positive.