Mom Of 3 Transform Thrifted Old Rags Into Incredible Fashion Pieces

It turns out you can easily transform old clothing into new and fashionable pieces with only minimal sewing skills and Sarah Tyau, mom of three kids, is proof of that. Transforming thrifted clothing into fashionable pieces started out as a way of saving a little money for her but became the norm and kind of her philosophy once she realized how much good it does to both her life and the environment. Now she frequently post pictures of clothing transformation on her Instagram along with helpful tips and explanations on how she did it. Take a look at Sarah’s work below and get inspired to make your own thrifted transformations. All you need is a little creativity and a sewing machine.



1. Who knew this shapeless white mess could become such a trendy dress?



2. A massive button down can become a very cute dress for a little girl.



3. This boxy yellow jacket transformed into a very classy dress for Sarah’s daughter.



4. Even such a huge and ugly wedding dress that swallows you whole can become a beautiful summer dress with a lot of cutting and a little sewing.


5. We don’t know what this denim thing was originally meant to be but Sarah managed to do a miracle and transformed it into a very stylish jumpsuit.



6. Sometimes all you need to do is add a little lace and suddenly a very boring dress becomes a beautiful dress fit for any occasion.



7. Shapeless men’s XXL shirts are the best for making gorgeous dresses.


8. Here’s another great example of a huge button down that became the cutest pinafore dress ever.



9. If the shirt is too short to make a dress – make it into a dressy top. Look how adorable these two are.



10. I guess they were ok as trousers, but it looks way better as a pinafore dress, don’t you think? You could wear thing out and about or to the office.


11. Shapeless jumper transformed into a very cute stripy dress for the little one. Thee flower pockets were a nice touch too.



12. Sometimes when thrifting you find a piece of clothing that is almost perfect, you just need to add a finishing touch. That’s when you know you’ve hit a jackpot.


13. Long grandma dress with flowers? With a little bit of time and effort it can become a very fashionable summer dress that looks a lot like something you might find in Zara or H&M.



14. Was that a cardigan or a coat? Well either way it looks much better as a pinafore dress.



15. This dress was definitely missing a waist, which is easy enough to fix. Make it shorter too and you’ve got yourself a pretty sailor dress.


16. This started out as what looks like a pile of purple and ended up as a gorgeous summer dress. What a transformation.



17. Could you imagine that long shapeless skirt can be transformed into such a gorgeous dress!