Natural And Homemade DIY Easter Egg Decorating Ideas To Try- Forget Store-Bought Kits!

Dying Easter eggs is a fun tradition to do at party or with family – but dying it with food dye and chemicals is both boring, and has ingredients that aren’t as safe for kiddies to be around. Instead, use the gifts that Mother Nature already blessed us with! These fruits, herbs, veggies and spices all make vibrantly hues eggs that people will think a professional did. You probably already have most of these ingredients lying around in your kitchen!



1. This recipe creates a heavenly robin’s egg blue that the author says “only Mother Nature could produce.” We’d have to agree – they look like something out of a fantasy. All you need is cabbage and vinegar.

2. These onion skin and herb dyed plants are so stunning and look like antique pieces of art. The stencils are so dreamy yet the process is so simple.

3. These absolutely breathtaking eggs are created with the help of some leaves and flowers. They look particularly lovely using yellow onion or cabbage. We want this around for more than just Easter!

4. Tradition Lithuanian Easter eggs were actually made using natural vegetable dyes like the ones mentioned in this list, along with beeswax, to add an intricate and majestic texture to the eggs. So lovely, so many potential color combinations.

5. These easy-to-make silk-dyed scarves look so vivid and intricate, but in reality all you need to do is wrap an egg in your favorite old silk scarf and boil it in water – the result is really impressive.



6. Limiting yourself to just black and white silks, like the other beautiful silk pattern mentioned above. The black and white silks make for an elegant grey and cream final effect that is oh so elegant, not only kids will be the ones oohing and ahhing over them.

7. To finish off the list, this helpful article ties it all together with an all-encompassing guide to what ingredients influence what colors, and gives a general note on how to complete the dying process.