People Who Went Under The Knife To Look Like Celebs

Jennifer Lawrence’s Clone1 Jennifer Lawrence’s CloneIt’s one thing when you approach your 30’s and decide that you need to exercise more and eat better, to make yourself look better and appear younger for a long time. I think that’s ok and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, if you decide to have a plastic surgery to look like Jennifer Lawrence, sorry, but I’m gonna judge you. A 30 year old mum, known as Kitty, says she felt uncomfortable in her own body after having a child, so she decided to have 6 plastic surgeries to look like Jennifer Lawrence. Did she succeed? That’s up to you to decide. I just hope she’s happy now.

A Middle Aged Justin Bieber
Mandatory Credit: Photo by PJB/SIPA/REX (4136203bi) Justin Bieber CR Fashion Book Issue N.5 Launch Party BY Carine Roitfeld And Stephen Gan, Paris, France - 30 Sep 2014
Toby Sheldon is 33, and he wants to look like Justin Bieber. First of all, I don’t understand why would you want to look like that, but that’s only part of the problem. Toby has already spent around $100 000 on plastic surgeries and hair transplants to look like Justin, yet he’s still not happy with the results he got. He’s actually planning on having a jaw and forehead reduction to look more like Bieber. I don’t know about you guys, but a grown man who spends thousands of dollars to look like a teenage boy – that sounds hella creepy to me. Did anyone tell him that Justin has years ahead of him and might change his look completely?

A Female Michael Jackson3 A Female Michael JacksonMichael Jackson has millions of fans around the world, but few as dedicated as Mikki. Mikki Jay is a woman. She’s a mother of three, and you won’t believe what her job is. She works as a Michael Jackson impersonator. In order to be amazing at her job she underwent quite a few surgeries. She went as far as to have her chin and nose shaved down to look more like the King of Pop. Now that’s dedication. I wonder how her children feel about this, especially if you consider Michael Jackson’s history with kids.

Kim Kardashian Wannabes
4 Kim Kardashian Wannabes
Kim Kardashian is extremely famous. There’s no one else out there who can make anything trend online like she does. I mean, she pretty much broke the internet in 2014. I’m not surprised there’s people who want to look like her. In fact both men and women want to look like her. Jordan James Parke spent more than $100 000 to look like Kim. He got tattooed eyebrows, multiple lip injections, hair removal procedures, plastic surgeries and even tries to dress like Kim. Now tell me, was it worth it? Does he look like Kim to you? Another example of Kim wannabe is Claire Louise Leeson. This 24 year old British girl spent £20,000 to look like Kim. She got breast implants and whitened her teeth, she spent crazy amounts of money on hair extensions and spray tans and she wears silicone enhanced pants to make her butt look more like Kim’s. She says it makes her feel happy and more confident, yet her family is worried.

Lady Gaga’s Doppelganger5 Lady Gaga’s DoppelgangerLady Gaga has had incredible success with her career. She’s a talented singer and a very interesting woman. She’s famous all over the world and has a lot of dedicated fans that she calls “little monsters”. I’m sure all her fans admire her a lot, but none love her as much as Donna Marie Trego. Donna is 37 and she’s from England. She has spent huge amounts of money on surgeries to look like Lady Gaga, and probably even more money on clothes to replicate Gaga’s outrageous outfits. She calls herself Gaga’s doppelganger and quite often people do mistake her for the famous pop queen. However, I wish she listened to her icon a bit more attentively, after all you can’t fake being Lady Gaga, you have to be born this way.

Brad Pitt Twins7 Brad Pitt TwinsBrad Pitt has had millions of women all over the world captivated by his looks. He started out pretty and seems to be aging gracefully as well. He got Angelina Jolie to marry him, so we know it’s not just us mortal women who find him attractive. Who wouldn’t want to look like him? Mike and Matt Schlepp have spent years and more than $30 000 to look like Brad Pitt. They’ve had nose jobs and chin implants. They’ve changed their hair. Yet they still look nothing like the famous heart-throb. However, the twins say they’re happy with how they look. Well, at least they’re happy, ‘cause let’s be honest, they look nothing like Brad Pitt.

Ryan Gosling8 Ryan GoslingNo one has the ladies swooning like Ryan Gosling. Girls love him. Men have man crushes on him. He’s the perfect man these days. But is it just his look? Some people think that’s all it takes. Nicholas Ryan (is that even his real name?) has spent quite a hefty sum to look more like Ryan Gosling. He’s an aspiring actor and hopes that now, that he’s had plastic surgery to look more like Ryan Gosling, he’ll get more auditions and his acting career will finally take off. He’s also hoping that his new features will help him be more popular with the ladies. Oh, Nicholas, there’s only one Ryan Gosling, and it’s not you.

Miranda Kerr Fan9 Miranda Kerr FanYuh Reum Hong is a girl from South Korea that REALLY likes Miranda Kerr. She says she first saw Miranda on TV and thought she was insanely beautiful. Ever since she’s been trying to look and dress like the famous Victoria’s Secret model. No, she doesn’t wear lingerie in public, she’s not that crazy. She just tries to mimic her style and she’s had a couple of surgeries done. To be more specific, Yuh Reum Hons has had her eyes and nose surgically altered to look more like Miranda. She also wears blue contacts and does her hair and makeup Miranda Kerr style. She says she’s not crazy, she just admires Miranda a lot and wishes she was more popular in South Korea. Well, I guess impersonating Miranda is one way to promote her in South Korea, yeah, why not?