Things only people who are too trusting understand


Things only people who are too trusting understand1. When you were little, you had to go over that scenario with your mom where she pretended she was a strange man with candy in his car way more than you should have, because you fell for it the first 4 times that she made you practice it with her. Candy implied trust. This was your first trusting mistake starting from childhood.

2. Shopping is the worst because of your trusting nature. You trust aggressive sales associates who tell you something with an ugly pattern or a dress that doesn’t fit well looks good on you. For this reason, you have a lot of things with uncut tags in your closet, but somehow you can’t stop making the mistake the next time you go into a place. You definitely are also overcharged on stuff regularly. The only thing you can do is hope that something will be on sale. God forbid you have to haggle in a market.

3. You have a habit of forgiving both friends and significant others when they treat you like a doormat. This can lead people to take advantage of you, even though they promised that they would do their part and you being overly sweet to them. When you were divided up into groups at school, you were always the person who ended up doing all the work, but not taking any of the credit. You’ve been taken advantage of at work, by your coworkers. You’re the one left with piles of paperwork on a Friday or you lose a promotion because someone more conniving
played you.



4. You give a whole new meaning to “forgiving and forgetting”. But it’s less about holding grudges with you, and more about being naive. People calling you naive also is rude and embarrassing, but undeniable. You have accepted one too many insincere apologies without realizing how insincere they are. Holding grudges can make you harbor resentment and make you bitter, so that’s the upside of your aloof nature, but you need to remember that what people do builds their character. Trust is something to be earned, not handed out for free.

5. You were in a great relationship. You couldn’t understand how he’s been such a great guy without any flaws. Except then out of the blue you found out that he cheated on you, and has been sketchy for a while. You felt like an idiot after you needed a second cheater to properly learn the red flags.

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