Unusual Mother’s Day Ideas To Treat Your Mom To At-Home Spa Day

Sometimes, all your mom needs on Mother’s Day is a good ol’ spa day to calm her nerves from everything. Unfortunately, a truly luxe spa day can cost a hefty price that will probably take a chunk out of your rent money. Luckily, you can surprise her by creating your very own spa haven in the comfort of her own home, with these useful gifts that combine to create an insanely memorable spa day.



We have a feeling that after Mother’s Day passes, you’re going to have a new reason to come around every day – this hot little minx. This rolling calf, ankle, and foot massager has a ton of different settings, and it’s heated. It is proven to increase circulation and reduce stress. She might start wearing this instead of shoes.

You know when you get a facial, and feel the jets of the aesthetician’s steamer gently opening your pours and putting you into a relaxed state of meditation? Yeah, you can get a cute pink and white one on Amazon for a reasonable price – and it can double as a humidifier on days she doesn’t feel like steaming.

Can’t forget the spa beverage amenities! Mom can try teas from all over the world with this set – way more charming than getting her one kind she might hate, and it’ll help her experience new things, too. With each tube being able to create a 6-8 cup pot, tea is sure to be her new addiction.

If tea isn’t her favorite way to hydrate, this water infuser can provide your water with delicately flavored fruits or herbs of your choice, like her favorite spa offers. Also a perfect gift for the mom who hates drinking water – stay hydrated in a deliciously fruity manner.

This lovely manicure kit is a one-stop shop for manicure aficionados. Forget the bustling chatter of the nail salon – you can have an automatic manicurist at home! This Conair hair center has 12 attachments to customize to your needs, a rechargeable nail tool, a manicure bowl and more. Yes, yes, and yes.

Ok, she might not want to be active on her day off, but this beginner’s yoga mat is definitely the most relaxing way to do it. She can stretch away the week’s stress with this useful yoga mat which is pre-marked to optimize your form. There’s also a DVD which features meditation preparation, and all the materials are in a calming lavender shade.

Now that the yoga and treatment portion of the day is over, she can start to get ready for her ten hours of beauty sleep that a mother obviously has earned on her day. To commence it, she can slip on her PJ’s after they’ve been hanging out in this PJ warmer, for an extra cozy intro to her Zzz’s.

And finally, before she dozes off from her amazing day of beauty and being treated by her wonderful and grateful child, she can look very adorable in this sleepy sloth mask as she’s counting sheep.