10 “Bad Girl” Things Most Men Love About Women

Just like women are drawn to “bad boys” despite them being irresponsible and, well, not what their moms would want for them, guys are also attracted to “bad girls”, with all their boldness and sassiness. There’s some magic happening on a subconscious level, which makes them forget everything and follow the wild white rabbit down that rabbit hole of Unknown. That’s why it doesn’t really come as a surprise that most men would like their girlfriends to be at least a little bit “bad” sometimes. What do we mean by that? Here are 10 “bad girl” things most men love about women.



When she’s blunt
Playing mind games is something no man enjoys, really. Yet this is something that comes naturally to the majority of women who end up giving their boyfriends the silent treatment and never tell what’s wrong using simple straightforward words. Well, bad girls are much bolder in that aspect and won’t keep the man guessing where he’s messed up. She’ll just tell it the way it is!



When she laughs out loud
Shy giggles can be nice and sweet, but it’s much more pleasing for guys to see a girl laugh her lungs out, especially after a joke they’ve made! This means the girl is not uptight and is more confident about herself and doing what feels natural to her.


When she can drive
And we mean she can drive good! Confident (yet responsible) female drivers are rare and once a guy meets one, he’s compelled to know her better. There’s just something really badass about a woman who knows her way around cars and likes to drive somewhat aggressively. This “bad girl” quality turns her into a real man-magnet!



When she knows her tools
Most guys just go weak at the knees when a woman knows how to use a screwdriver and is handy with other tools as well. If she can disassemble (and put everything back!) her computer, vacuum cleaner, or some wicked piece of Ikea furniture – this will earn her a lifetime of bonus points and awe-struck glances!


When she’s independent
Not necessarily a “bad girl” quality, but being independent is one of those things men really appreciate in a woman. As much as they like to help their partners and even save the “damsel in distress” occasionally, in the end they’d want to settle down with an independent woman who doesn’t rely on them to be happy.



When she can hold her liquor
While this may not be something to be actually proud of, men find women who can hold their liquor incredibly fascinating and compelling. They feel these women are strong and not to be messed with, worthy of respect. Extra kudos go for knowing the difference between whiskey, bourbon, and scotch.


When she’s adventurous
Bad girls are famous for getting into all kinds of trouble. Most of the time that happens because of their curious and adventurous nature. The majority guys are afraid to settle down with a woman because they don’t want to get stuck inside a boring routine, but that can never happen with a bad girl or a girl who is at least a little bit “bad”. She’s the ultimate free spirit!


When she’s not afraid to show her passion
Need we say more? Guys are known for initiating most things when it comes to the women they like, that’s why they find it incredibly alluring when women are not afraid of being passionate and/or making the first step if need be. Passionate women exude confidence and are not afraid to try new things in life (and between the sheets). Men just love that!



When she’s mysterious
The best thing about bad girls (according to men) is that they are hard to figure out. Nothing is certain when it comes to dating this fierce woman who can be as sweet as a purring cat one second and turn into a lioness the other. Men do love a good mystery to solve!


When she presents challenges
In the long run guys may actually like sweet and kind-hearted women, but if we’re talking about the excitement of the hunt, then it all comes back to “bad girls” that are hard to get and are even harder to keep. Dating a bad girl is a real challenge because of all the complexity of such relationship, but this is exactly what keeps men interested! Do these relationships last? Some do, others don’t. But if you want our advice, don’t let him think he’s gotten you all to himself for the rest of eternity. Be a bad girl just a little bit!