10 Main Reasons We Stay In Crappy Relationships

Sometimes, all single people yearn for is a relationship. But often, people don’t pay attention to their relationship and can spend years in an unhealthy one. This may seem like baffling and time-wasting behavior, but here are some of the reasons people don’t pull the plug on that expired love.



1. Because going into the unknown or the idea of loneliness is scary. You just need to remember that the fear of loneliness is just ultimately a fear of change. You were once alone before bae, which means that you can find your footing in life after bae.



2. Moving out is too complicated or difficult, and you think about the financial burden of taking on rent and bills by yourself. Ties like a shared home, financial dependence or children can often seen like a good excuse to power through the relationship and tough it out, but that’s dangerous for everyone involved.


3. You have the same friend group. Breaking up with friends can sometimes feel even more traumatic than breaking up with a romantic partner. The way to solve this is to take your friend apart and explain that your friendship is separate from the relationship and they don’t have to pick sides.



4. Your parents love them, and you love their parents. Fortunately, you’re not in a relationship with your bae’s parents, so it shouldn’t affect your decision. We get that a partner’s parents can kind of turn into surrogate parents of sorts, but that’s only their role if you love their kid.


5. You’ve been together a really long time. This is otherwise known as the investment factor in a relationship. Sure, if you’re feeling strong doubts, a decade of being with someone might color your perspective the wrong way. Instead, think of what a lifetime of that feeling could mean.



6. Because you’re scared of the low quality alternatives that are out there, and being alone or scrolling through losers on Tinder. Luckily, that’s what your babe army is for. To remind you that you deserve a prince, and to help you find him one day!


7. When manipulation or gaslighting has been committed in a relationship and abuse has been normalized. Your partner might be aware that you’re trying to leave the relationship and is using manipulating tactics to subliminally make you stay, such as demeaning comments or even threats of violence.


8. Because you don’t value yourself and have a low sense of self worth. Hence, you take comfort in those who tear us down because it confirms out thoughts about ourselves, or we don’t value our own happiness over someone else’s.



9. Because you’re a people pleaser and don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. This isn’t too terrible a way to live life, except in your relationship. Start doing things for yourself instead of other people.


10. Laziness. This is not worth it, and people need to muster up the energy to reach their own fulfillment. You understand that starting over will be hard, and the concept of it all seems exhausting. Well, a loveless life is even more exhausting, trust us!