10 Signs He’s Scared Of How Much He Likes You

Sometimes, men are scared to show their vulnerable and emotional side, and it comes off the wrong way. That’s often because they’re terrified that they’re actually falling for a girl. Here are some signs that he’s into you, but fear has taken over.



1. He stares at you. No in a creepy way, but he’s contemplating and realizing how lucky is he to know and have a girl like you. You don’t want to look back and ruin the moment, because you know he’s shy to admit that he likes you.


2. He’s sending you mixed signals. One second he’s super loving and the next he’s distant. You are not sure what to think, so just be assertive and let him know that you like him. Sometimes, it’s ok for the girl to make the first move.

3. He gets nervous around you. This isn’t because he’s just a weirdo, or isn’t into you. In fact, it often means the opposite. If he’s word vomiting or aging strange, he’s scared but falling for you.


4. He talks to his friends about you. If they divulge that they’ve heard about you before, it means that he likes you. Guys don’t just bring up girls randomly to their friends unless they’re into them.

5. He’s been hurt in the past, or cheated on. If you know this, you also probably know that he tries everything that he can to avoid getting hurt again. Maybe that’s why he’s not giving in all the way – he’s scared of heartbreak.


6. He laughs at all of your jokes – even the lame ones. Those corny knock knock jokes that your friends roll their eyes at get a full belly laugh from him. He’s trying to make a good atmosphere and provide positive feedback because he’s into you


7. He’s acted protective of you in a situation. If you have a problem, he’s there to go the extra mile and solve it. If someone else hits on your or says unwarranted comments, he’s there to be a hero and swoop in, no matter what.

8. When other guys hit on you or express interest, he gets jealous. Not in an uncomfortable stalker way, but in a flattering manner. He sees potential beaus and isn’t ok with it because he wants you to be his girl – he’s just too scared to admit it.


9. His friends and family treat you like you’re in a relationship, even though you haven’t defined labels yet. They ask about you like you are, you guys just haven’t had “the talk” yet, because of his back-and-forth antics.


10. He always has a look on his face as though he wants to say something but is holding himself back from it. This might be that he actually wants you to be his GF if he’s denied it in the past, or is scared to be vulnerable.