10 Things That Attract the Opposite Sex Like a Magnet

What is an attraction all about? Is it all about your looks or is there more to it than that? Most people will agree that the first thing they notice about a person is what they look like: their hair color, eye color, body proportions, their style, etc. Of course, it’s not the only thing we care about, few people are that superficial. We care about personality traits, sense of humor, character, kindness, morals and all that, but you only get to find out that after actually talking to that person and getting to know them better. But what is it that causes that initial attraction? Is there any rhyme or reason to it? Well turns out there is. There are actually a couple of things that attract us to people right away and some of them differ depending on the gender.



1. Body Language
Let’s start with something that we all have in common. Both men and women tend to gravitate towards partners with active body language, 9 times out of ten you’ll want to see that person again or strike a conversation with them. It even works with pictures too. Everyone prefers photos captured in motion rather than still posed ones.



2. Parent Lookalikes
This might sound a little creepy, but a lot of the time we pick partners that remind us of our parents. It doesn’t always mean that your partner has to visually resemble your parent, in most cases, it can be just a feature or character trait. But men tend to go for women who have similar personalities to their mothers, while women often go for the men who have the same eye color as their father.


3. Pets
This is a weird one, but women tend to find men who have pets to be more attractive than those who don’t. Specifically owning a dog seems to be a winner when it comes to capturing a woman’s heart. It probably has something to do with their ability to take care of another living creature that makes women’s hearts melt. When it comes to men though, they don’t seem to care if we women have pets or not.



4. Smell
Another strange thing that might attract us to a potential partner is their smell. Women love musky, woody smells on men, it makes them seem more manly and attractive to them. While men prefer women to smell like tasty snacks like freshly baked cookies or a nice brownie. So you know what this means ladies – go for sweet perfumes.


5. Shoe Size
Men generally are more attracted to smaller partners, because they like to feel all macho and be protective, so small feet are what they’re into. Women are way more complicated when it comes to men’s shoe sizes. Initially, they go for tall men with large feet, because we look for the best and biggest protector. But because those men are wanted by all they tend to be flaky, so women who want security and long-term relationships go for men with average to small feet.



6. Level
Have you ever heard the saying “opposites attract”? Well, science says it’s simply not true. In most cases, we look for partners that are about as attractive as we are. There’s always exceptions of course, but generally, we tend to know who’s out of our league or when we could do better. What’s interesting is that the more attractive people tend to be pickier when it comes to choosing a partner.


7. Facial Expression
As much as we hate being told to cheer up and smile more, the truth is men are more attracted to happy facial expressions and smiling women than to impassive or grumpy looking ones. I hate it too, ladies. Women, however, tend to prefer men who’re facial expressions show pride.


8. Hair Length
Men are generally programmed to like women with longer hair. It has something to do with evolution and fertility signs. Time and fashion play into this of course, so men have stopped expecting us to have super long hair, but they still prefer shoulder length to a pixie cut. Women, on the other hand, don’t really have a set preference. Some like short-haired men, other’s prefer long haired guys, a lot of the time this preference changes throughout their life.



9. Music
When it comes to music, there’s actually been a test done. Women were asked to listen to music of different complexity levels and then asked which ones do they prefer. Most women went for the more complicated music pieces and songs and said that they would prefer to date the men who wrote the complicated songs. Unfortunately, the same experiments have not been done with men, so the jury is still out on that one.


10. Altruism
Both men and women are hugely attracted to altruistic tendencies in their partner. It’s a good thing from an evolutionary standpoint. So what you really like about those characters is not how mean and anti-social they are, but the fact that they’re helping others.