10 Things That Make You A Perfect Girlfriend


Is there a recipe for a perfect girlfriend? We think not. But there are definitely some qualities that help build a steady, happy relationship, when both of you are feeling content and at the same time excited to see what happens next. It’s all about trust, understanding yourself, and a generally positive attitude towards life. Here are 10 things that make you a perfect girlfriend.



You are supportive
Men are naturally confident (or at least they try to be), but they say that behind every great man there’s a woman for a reason. Your support or lack of such can make all the difference. You are not only on his side, but you can also give him a fair amount of criticism wherever it’s needed. Because you care for him and want him to be happy.



You give him space
Space is just as important for him as it is for you. As a couple you may share a lot, but it is still impossible to share everything. He has his own hobbies or interests that you’re not particularly fond of, so what you do is let him enjoy his own time.


You know what you want
It’s important to be able to compromise from time to time, but it is even more important to know yourself, your needs, and desires. This way you’ll never do anything that makes you unhappy just because you thought that it would please him or make your relationship better. He’d never want that sacrifice from you and you’d end up blaming him in the end, anyways.



You are genuine
There comes a point in the relationship when you wake up together and kiss without brushing your teeth; when he sees your swollen up makeup-free face after a sleepless night; when you spend a day wearing trainers and a T-Shirt binge-watching a TV show while surviving through the first day of your periods. All these things make the two of you grow closer to each other because you are genuine and not trying to hide your true feelings or imperfections.


You speak out
Whether it’s something you don’t like or a compliment to your boyfriend, you’re not afraid to speak your mind. You know perfectly well your boyfriend can’t read thoughts and don’t expect him to guess where you want to go out this evening or that you’re feeling exhausted after a day at work. You tell him whatever you feel is right (and sometimes deal with the consequences afterwards, but that’s another story).



You are independent
Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you don’t have a life of your own. You are two different people, so naturally you have friends of your own, your preferences and your own me-time that you want to spend alone. And while it feels incredible do things together, you’re still capable of embarking on a solo journey to the other part of the Earth. At this point, it’s just a matter of whether it’ll be as much fun doing it without him.


You aren’t afraid to be vulnerable
Modern society kind of demands women to be strong, but in the end of the day what you really want is to be you. And what better way to do that than to drop down all those shields and just be real with him? Show that you care, and sometimes afraid, or sad, or happy, or emotional for no apparent reason. You know that being feminine is not always about wearing heels and dresses – it’s about showing your softer side, too. And he appreciates that a lot!


You ask for his opinion
You value his opinion and ask him about various things starting from gadgets and ending with latest fashion trends. He may not know a lot about them, but you trust his taste and aesthetic so much that you can even go shopping for clothes together (whether he’ll be happy about that or not is entirely different matter, though).



You are grateful
Whether it’s a small gesture like making you a morning cup of coffee or a bigger one like taking you on a spontaneous journey, you don’t take these things for granted. You value his efforts and aren’t afraid to get vocal about it. Saying ‘thank you’ has never done any harm to relationships!


You make him laugh
You know how to have fun and more often than not make him laugh, intentionally or unintentionally. You are not too serious about yourself and your easy-going nature makes your relationship lighter and more pleasant. He’s also more laid back because he knows you can turn any fail into a joke that you both will be remembering fondly afterwards.