10 Unattractive Things Guys Don’t Know They Do


Guys might complain about all the unintentional turn-offs that girls are committing, but they have their own fair share of unattractive moves that we’d like to call out as well. Here are the most annoying that we can remember.



1. When guys spit in the street excessively. We get it – sometimes, sinus and congestion problems make it hard not to be gross occasionally. But when they do it excessively and constantly spit between talking, it’s a turn-off.



2. When all they do is play video or computer games. Then, when game time is over, they’re ready for sexy time. Sorry, bro, but watching you play Call of Duty didn’t really work as foreplay for me.


3. When they act too much like an alpha male and get a puffed up ego about things, otherwise known as a big head. Nothing like a tall order of narcissism to make a guy hideous.



4. When they talk about how much money they make all the time, or namedrop celebrities they casually know or may have worked with. Doesn’t look like paparazzi is following us and women don’t have a price tag anyway, so bye.


5. When they act immature and roughhouse with their friends or brothers. This is very occasionally endearing, but usually escalates to an immature level that feels like a scene out of Step Brothers.



6. Too much cologne. Guys, please only put a dab on the wrists or behind the neck. You don’t need to drench your suit jacket and entire body in it as well.


7. When they’re a total a mommas boy. We love when guys care abut their families and show their mom the love and respect they deserve. But when there are no boundaries between them and you start being seen as a threat by his mom, things can get very weird.


8. Having a dirty house. Guys aren’t generally known for being the more hygienic version, but sometimes you walk into a man’s house that makes you truly shudder. When they live with roommates, it can turn haunted house level scary.



9. Saying “whatever you want” when you ask them to make a decision on food or what to do for the evening. Sometimes, we like being in charge of the plans, but it’s actually quite a turn on when a man makes a bold decision (in good taste of course.)


10. When they’re clingy. Some guys might think it’s cute to check in all the time and want to hang out every single night, and while every relationship goes through a honeymoon phase, we all need our space and independence at times.