10 Ways To Turn Your Vacation Hook-up Into Something Real

It happens. Sometimes the person that’s meant for you isn’t the guy that you’ve seen at Starbucks every day, and one Monday morning, randomly lock eyes with. Sometimes you go to have a girl’s trip and you meet someone so amazing that the connection is worth sustaining, even if you live halfway across the worlds. Here’s how to turn the relationship from vacation fling to something more serious.



1. Talk every day. Text constantly, What’s App, just make sure to keep in touch so it doesn’t fizzle out. Send him sexy pics, schedule regular Skype dates where you look your most mega babe, and keep the flame strong!


2. Plan vacations ahead of time, and talk about it. If 6 weeks is your limit, plan a vacation somewhere you both are excite about. Traveling to new places will help you self expand as a couple even faster than a couple in the same city might.

3. Find out if you two are actually compatible before you embark on trying a long distance thing. Turning a hookup into something more is amazing, but wasting time with someone who might be a thousand miles away isn’t productive for anyone.


4. Having some serious trust in the other person loyalty is key, so if you have previously shaky trust issues, you’re bound to get jealous and not be able to handle the possibility of being a far from your bae, i.e not being able to monitor them and their behavior 24/7.

5. In the same vein, try to suss out if that means being comfortable enough to cohabitate at some point. That means taking steps to see if you can get a job where you work remotely, or can find one in the city your significant other lives in.


6. Realize that no relationship is perfect – whether it’s with your neighbor, or someone that lives in another city or country. But maybe it’s just worth a shot – whether you end up getting married or breaking up in a year!

7. But connected to that note, make sure that you guys have some of the same goals. If one of you just sees it as a continuous fling, but the other sees stuff heading towards moving in together or getting engaged, then your priorities are clearly on different levels. If you need to proceed on those nuptials in order to reside in the same country, that’s a sticky but necessary conversation that needs to go down.


8. When you are together, make sure to do activities that self expand and help you grow as a couple, rather than holing up in one of your rooms the entire time and having sex till you pass out (even though that sounds like the most tempting thing to do).

9. Be honest about your needs! Communication is already hard enough – now communicating digitally across the world can really whittle it down to the bone. Learn how to be straight up with each other from the get go!

10. In the end, it all comes down to fate. If your lifestyles are compatible enough to make a long distance relationship work until you’re more comfortable turning it into something else that involves one of you are committing to moving. Or don’t let it come down to fate – but in that case, the love needs to be strong enough that you two take the leap together, and not too far down the line. Why not? As they say, everything happens for a reason…